Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"A Little Late for Cults"

Thinking about here in the space and "Time", and you still have organized cults rooming around. Like a bunch of kids forming a club with certain tasks that have to be preformed to get in. Incredibly high tech UFOs flying around in the sky and your president belongs to a cult, called Skull and Crossbones. Kennedy tried to warn America citizens of such cults in his speeches, it got him killed. Look what you have today and 911, exactly as he called it in Sixties. Other religions call the Mormons a cult, but what are they, I see no difference. Go to a Seventh Day Adventist meeting, people will be rolling around on the floor, talking in tongues, that's not a cult? Same thing you see when the Voodoo dancers enter a trance, they just happen to add a little liquor to it. You can talk your self into anything, you already do to survive. You have to be constantly telling your self, everything is going to be all right, when thing go bad. What possible secret could some cult, be holding, their are UFOs? That's one of the Mormons ideas and many more cults, like the presidents. A UFO screaming though the air, kind of puts that, all to bed. That's what you have today, just to many videos and personal sighting now. It's "Time" for mankind to rid him self of ideas, that just hold him back to servitude to others. Each life is it's own, and if your here on Earth, you just don't know any more than the next guy. America and the church, has taken your spiritual growth away from you, and put it in there hands. It's "Time" for this to all end, and people start to chose their own given path. You don't need some one else to tell good over evil, you already know that. The "Hopi" Kachina kind of represent cults from the past, as the cults where just passing stories from old. A Kachina was a way to tell a story, with a carving, no different than a modern day painter, telling his story on canvas. The Kachina was a copy of what the ancient "Hopi" carvers saw, when the "Alien's" were with them. Listen to any old stories, all kinds of stuff is always happening in the air. All this great battles going on, just like in the "Urantia". The constant struggle of good over evil. Right now evil has the upper hand. It looks like the fight over control over the Planet has begun, it began in 1947. The fight is heating up with all the elaborate crop circles. With more and more videos, and sightings like Stephenville Texas. The Internet is kicking in the door to this reality. The "Aliens gave mankind the computer to push this all along. The government thought it was slick, but in the end, because of the computer, mankind will finally free him self from the chains of religion and government. The government is about one good UFO flap for all to see, before it come tumbling down, along with the rest of the Worlds governments. It's now only a matter of "Time", not if, but when now. Their is just massive amounts of wed sites to visit for some thing not getting ready to happen. To many people getting so much evidence to the public to be ignored. Over seventy percent of Americans now believe in UFOs. This is all happening because the "Alien's" want mankind to wake up, and prepare for a new World. To many cultures have this ending in them. Not one the Bush's and their handlers envision. Nothing not for nothing, whats happening now, is a slow preparation for the future of things. The Boys are back in town, for a reason, this is no game. To many past Worlds for this to be game, remember the flood and Noah's Ark? Who really talked to Noah, the "Alien's", a voice from the sky? Just like in all Bibles and cults, in the end, their is always a giant battle for control of people souls. From this side of the room, that's exactly what you have now. The "Alien's" in the sky and primitive mankind, on the ground, looking up. Personally, I'm siding with the "Alien's", you can have your organized religions and cults. It's a fight for control of the Planet, and I'm one of the fighters, for good, not control. Go off to your wars and greed, I'm betting on the "Alien's". bye PS Are you a lump of coal?

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Absolutely not a cult!