Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Keeping Others Down"

The Church and your government are both quite good at this. One keeping you afraid of the daylight, and the other keeping you afraid of the night. Their you have American culture, being lead around by an unknown fears of some kind, created by man. A good fear of "God" and good fear of radical Muslims, that are out to kill, all non believers. Now days you not only have to fear your own "God", now you have to fear the Muslim's "God", this sucks, to many different "God's" to bow down to. This is your World of today, mankind has sure came along way, now hasn't he? To many people willing to by into some other individuals beliefs. The only one you need to believe in is, you. What feels right for you, church and government will not change who you really are. You can't blame them for your state of being. Bowing to some unknown "God", that was created for you, isn't mankind supposed to be a little more advance than that? World governments have keep mankind in check, stopping his progression. You better give to your church's "God" and you better give to the government, if you want to be safe tonight. Americans are for the most part right their, living in fear of one or the other, or both. Bet neither one of those make much sense to some kid in Iraq or Afghanistan right now. Those two items got him their, it's good old Jesus, against Ali. Sad, the kids line up to die, for nothing, just like all wars. Some say you need wars for population control, that's bull shit. You control population with knowledge of your environment and how much it can sustain, through education. Wars only keep mankind from advancing, it removes the soul of a country. The rest of the World views America, as soulless, with all are wars over the years. Look what it did to Japan, made Pearl Harbor seem like a picnic lunch. Now where destroying Iraq, who's next, Iran with McCain coming into office? Move the Jews to a new homeland, only to watch them attacked constantly, so it could have a presence in the Middle East. Israel is no more than a military out post for America, just like the old west America. America has worked so hard at keeping other countries down, it's now turned into a failing Roman Empire, look familiar? Still believe the "Alien's" are a part of the picture, as 2012 approaches. Still believe they created America, so technological advances could happen, so ever one would be looking into a crystal ball when the "Time" was right. This is all Divine Intervention, or as the Hopi" would say, the Earth is sacred. The Crop Circles are Divine intervention. As "Time" nears when others keeping others down with religion and government, will come to an end. Can't hardly get a good picture of an UFO, but look at the Crop Circles being created by them. Organic art, nothing destroyed that won't return, they didn't need to build a giant structure to present the Worlds greatest art. Just goes to show you, how more advance they are, then mankind is. Then on the other hand, you have what mankind is today, sharing the same Planet. The government tells you the "Alien's" don't exist, so they won't have to share their power over you. The British citizens are doing a great job of presenting a history of the Crop Circles. Learned last night watching a short video on U tube, how the circle have gotten more elaborate and how the was a period when only living things from the Earth where created. Someone has to be, preparing for something, this just can't be some random gesture, can it? Maybe the end of, a few soul less bastards controlling so many others. Mankind is in it's dark ages, with the "Alien's" flying all about, creating incredible art work. It's like two Worlds about to come together, maybe as one, with the other bringing great knowledge. How much longer can this be ignored by the citizens of the World? Does a through cleaning of the Earths inhabitants have to happen first? Could the same being creating such great art work be an enemy like Reagen suggested? Keeping in line with keeping others down, are we not to trust the "Alien's"? The government never quits, trying to keep you down. bye PS I'm waiting for Santa Claus.

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