Friday, February 8, 2008

"Taken Me and My Buds out, to Sell Our Art"

Not quite sure who lives here with me, but someone keeps getting message across my television screen. My $13 dollar rabbit ears are some kind of powerful. Similar letters as on Roswell crash vehicle pictures. When a ex female friend saw them on night on the TV, see screamed out, I never believed you when you said that had happen. She would much latter say to me, your scary to be around. Scared the hell out of one of my sons one night, he didn't like me talking about the "Alien's" anyway. Found out latter, he never told anyone about it, oh well, just like the government. Use to copy them down, but their now just so numerous to keep copying down. All just part of my rebirth, I guess you would call it. First "Time" I saw the Mother Ship over my home, scared the hell out of me. Now I just get that same old feeling, how small we all are in reality, and a grasp of air sound. Just takes your breath away, ask anyone with an encounter. They liked scaring another son, with turning the lights off and on in my bedroom when we were watching TV. Getting everyone one ready for the inevitable, I guess? They seem to enjoy doing it when there's someone else to see it. The "Hopi" have a Kachina for this action or character, called the "Prankster". The "Hopi" legends are absolutely right on perfect, but how could they not be. When I go places I feel like their always right their with me to protect me, and that they have many "Times". Well me and the "Boys" are going to Scottsdale Center for the Arts and try and sell our art work Sunday. You set in your booth and watch the Worlds people walk past you, especially here in Scottsdale. A good chance for my buds to see a prettier side of humanity, instead of all the other crap. Noticed my wax carving are similar to Crop Circle in the arches of them. Was studying some Crop Circle photos, made a note to myself to use some of their designs abstractly. Next day got my waxes out and noticed they already were. It's that divine equation used in all great art. As my son in law would say, pleasing to the eye. I've learned from doing this and having to be judged by other artist just to get into a show, doesn't mean the general public cares for it. I carve my waxes and they turn out exactly just the way they want to, and some destroy themselves when trying to be cast into silver. The Boys can only watch, my art, I talk to my waxes and and I talk to my waxes. But someone else decides the true out come, in the end. The vary reason "Hopi" women destroy the best piece of pottery. It was "God's" in the first place, they could only lend a hand. Now I take our art to be sold, more to see if some else likes our art. A day in the park with live music, can't be all bad and maybe someone will like our art. One of life's progressions starting with crawling, when you stop progressing, you have basically already have died. You just can't carry dead wood around with you, look for fresh wood. The past is the past, you only have the moment, for the future may not exist for you. A prayer to my daughter. Funny how just a few decide people in New York and Paris decide what the rest of the World will like in art. While the greatest art, are the Crop Circles in England. Their is no Earthly art that can compare. Turns out Crop Circle have been around for quite some "Time". Stories in old British literature show picture of Crop Circle. Did their government try and distort the evidence back then? The people claimed the Demons made them, who they blamed for everything anyway. So all you morons out their trying to discredit Crop Circle, look like idiots. The "Alien's" have always been around, just maybe more now than usual, with 2012 approaching? "Time" to start packing our art up. bye

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