Monday, February 11, 2008

"Aging Wealthy, Aging un Wealthy"

Went to Old Town Scottsdale to sell my wears Sunday, Chem-Trails and all. Nice clear day, not a cloud in the sky, a friend and I noticed while setting up my simple display. Then the skies were painted with Chem-Trails filling the sky with a white mist. Showed them to a few of the people looking at my art, one guy my age didn't want to know, any thing about, we laughed. Daughter and son in law arrived, told my daughter to look up, I said this is our next problem. My son in law said that's why were having so much rain now. Explained that if that was so, then you'd think they would just come out and say so, no big deal, just tell the citizens what there doing. John made a good point, then everyone would just be questioning that. Like a friend said about it, their just brazen about it. Then he goes, their the fucking government, as if to say, what can you do. There in lies the problem of today, the younger generation, just feels as if their empowered to do noting about any thing the government wants. The Hippies where the last to stand up and stop the way things are being done. Through the media, things the youth think about, are the things the media tells them to. Living here in south Scottsdale or as I call it, Scottsdale's ghetto, but it's a affluent ghetto. The population is aging, but most have a good income, not a cheep place to live. As you go farther north in Scottsdale the incomes go up, but their and aging group also. The city schools have declining enrolment, as young families can't afford homes or condos in the area. This really came to the fore front Sunday at the Center for the Arts. You can really tell the difference between the classes of aging people from south Scottsdale from the wealthy ones from up north of town. It's all about education and nutrients, get behind an elder in south part of town and then get behind an elderly from up north. One as processed foods and sugar, the other has fruits and vegetables, plain and simple. One group is waiting to die and the other has assets they still wants to spend. The ones with the processed foods and sugar were at home Sunday watching TV. The one with, fruits and vegetables in their baskets, where there with me listening to the Gila Monsters play blues. Hardly a young person in site, down right depressing from my point of view. Old men and women with money, don't spend money either, on art. They already have so much shit collected, their already thinking about who gets what when they die. This aging America, the ones that vote, send money to campaigns. What do you tell an aging man with money, you can't tell them a damn thing. They got money, they think that's the measure of all men. Some still wearing speedos and riding $5,000 bikes around, looking for the return of their youth. You see the grandest sports cars from around the World in this town, their all driven by older men, with gray hair. All kind of surreal when you think about it, their spiritual growth they through out the door years ago. At a "Time" when the Planet needs so much help. Like the guy that built that incredible yacht from Hewlett Packard fame and others. And the point was, are you any younger because of it? Aging Americans, will they give back, or will they just keep on taking from the Earth? Heard today while listening to Charlie Rose, the story about McCain attempting suicide while in captivity in North Vietnam. Story goes the guard stopped him, he was scared he might sign a document against American involvement in Vietnam. It's only McCain's word, no real proof of it, the man is a politician, I'm not buying it. How did Hillary come up with five million for here campaign. The Clinton's have been on the public payroll their whole careers? Another example of money buying power in America. The corruption and fun never ends for the super wealthy, and all the politicians willing to take the pay off. Like all great civilizations, in the end, corruption destroyed them, and so goes America. The aging wealthy control the rest, of America. bye

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