Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Hopi Prophecies, and He Will Bring Many"

Saw a video on U Tube of an incredible UFO flap, last night. The first thing that came to mind was, "and he will bring many". Two versions, one whit a Red Cap and one with a Red Cape. My UFO photo over the Verde River has a Red Cape. Is at the same location, ancient "Hopi" went to get their dead Cottonwood root, for their Kachina. Could this be the same thing starting to happen, that was recorded through painting in Germany in 1570 AD? UFOs have always been around, just to many ancient drawing and tales of their presents. They were the Demons in past European cultures. They couldn't blame Jesus for their problems, he was their saviour. Blamed Demons for all the evil things that happened to the humans, probably true. In other societies or religions, it was Karma. The "Hopi" speak of this often, first, second, third and fourth Worlds. The Bible has it over and over, so now I guess, it's "Time" once again, to clean things up. Look at all the objects around the NASA tether videos. Is their going to be a battle fore control of the Earth. Is this this the beginning of the Lucifer Rebellions, Urantia has this. The old German drawing depict this happening, the Mayans And the "Hopi" have tales of these great battles in the skies. The "Alien's' lead the "Hopi" on their migrations, the picture of the swastika, "Hopi" migration paths. Has mankind's inability to grow spiritually, doomed him? How much longer can the America government contain this? Cats out of the bag, except a small percentage now. More and more photos from around the World, almost on a daily base. Made sure, damn near a entire town saw them in Stephenville. It looks like, now they want to be seen, more and more, "Time" to start the changes. I've always said, like Santa Claus, they know who watching them. I don't speak for them, I can only observe, my view from the window. How many people around the World viewed the NASA tether video? Surely the "Alien's" knew this being photographed? Seemed like this was just an American phenomenon, now the whole World is having videos on U Tube. Chem-Trails videos from around the World, Mexico's a flood with sighting now. It's like, OK boys, here we come, ready or not. Nobodies ready for this, all to busy trying to attain more. It's reality check "Time", looky here, where going to scare some reality into you. Listen to the voices of the people in Stephenville who had a sighting. You can here fear of the unknown. The pilot that had the sighting, this shakes up all of my realities up. Need to rethink things down to the basics. A truly humbling experience, once you have an encounter, even visually. The trick, is to hang onto this moment. Some that have been with me during one of these experiences, soon forgot, their not around me any more. The same thing that happens to mankind, as "Time" goes by, and they return to the same old ways. A problem I haven't had, humbled me, scared to offer an option after them. It's, what could I really possibly know, compared to their knowledge? Learning took a front page in my realities, head to the library, search for ancient knowledge, became a priority. It looks like the "Time" of, He will bring many, has arrived. bye PS The old line, we all have skeletons in our closet, fits me perfect. Years ago, before all these things started happening to me. My nephew and I went up to Show Low to bid some electrical work. Pulled over outside Payson, not far from where the infamous Travis Walton incident happened, to take a piss in the snow. My nephew noticed an entire skull of a cow was still intact, said to me, never seen that in all the years he had been hunting, Usually the bone are dragged of by coyotes and lions and scattered all over. So I loaded up the head and backbone section and brought it home. Hung it up on my patio, the H.O.A. was not real pleased with that idea, and fined me. The damn thing is still in my closet, it's like what do I do with it now. Funny being a vegetarian, with a partial animal skeleton in my closet. At least I can remove my skeleton, can others?

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