Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"The Truth Spinners"

Notice while viewing comment on You Tube from viewers, it's like the same guy from some government agency sitting some where reviewing all new videos. Who ever it is, seems to be always near the top of the list with a comment. It's all just fake, and a comment why it's fake, in hand. Also who removes the ability to make comments on some video? Just how many people really work for the government? Seem to have their nose in almost every factor of American life. Is the Internet beginning to get controlled by others? Are their enough ears and minds to decipher all the spying the nation does. How can a government control the masses so well? Listening to Roger Clemens, sounded just like Bill Clinton defending 911. Stumbling along, looking so much the fool, I call it motor boating. Just like the government, baseball has no credibility any more, the fix went all the way to the top, the owners. Chicks like the long ball kind of thing. Ball players all of a sudden looking more like gladiators than athletes. Senators questioning Roger's credibility, a whore calling a whore a whore. No honesty amongst thieves, seem to fit the government perfect. The truth spinners have peoples food now full of chemicals. Condo Rice is a great truth spinner, the greatest Black female in history, OK. The surge is working but we can't start bring the troops home. They even tried to spin that dumb ass statement. Don't think they even care what the general public thinks any more. Look at the Chem-Trails filling the skies, not one word from the government. Never anyone on the news shows even bringing the word up. Ignore it, the public won't notice it, syndrome. Keep the citizens in fear of other enemies, other than their own government. It's not like I'm alone in my thoughts, everyone seems to be in agreement. So why are things the way they are? Health care a mess, two wars going on, American won't recognize global warming or the "Alien's". People being killed with their diets and medicines, seem to want to do nothing about it. People walking around with their head down, like a Phillip Glass painting. While the dead look down on them, in amazement. Why do the citizens even bother to vote? The wars will end when the system wants them to, not when the American citizens what them to. Seventy percent want Americans out of the two wars, but nothing ever changes, even with new people in office. And now it looks like America is going to have to go it alone in Afghanistan. The spinners will make their spin, the news reporters will spread the propaganda, no one will believe it anyway. That won't change a thing, like a true dictatorship, America has become. Most Americans I've talked to, have noticed the change since Bush's arrival. The lies just get bigger every day, with Condo Rice as the mouth piece. The spinners have won, control of America, and no one even put up a fight, like the hippies did. bye PS Fill sorry you the American citizens.

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