Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Attaching Your Star and Hanging On"

Listening to NPR radio today, your America is 9 Trillion dollars in debt, to the rest of the World. How does this happen, what does it mean? Got money for two wars, though, always money for the military. America is a real sick society, can't get a grip on any of it. Like explaining to a friend from Texas, how tobacco and liquor worked on the reservations. The Indians aren't aloud to have liquor on the reservations, only tobacco. So the Indians in northern Arizona have to make long treks off the reservation to buy liquor. This is all bad, the roads are lined with crosses of the dead Indians that where killed getting home. Like there not going all that way and not have a few drinks at local bars. Now lets try and find home, some two hours away, besides they liquor for all their friends back on the reservation. A few Indians get rich from the tobacco sales, a bunch of other Indians, die on the roads drunk, trying to get home. The Indians call it, White Mans Law, we have a few of those White Mans in this town. Some one left me a web page about the Seventh Day Adventist, and asked if i would post it. I will as soon as I can figure out how to do it. It was in connection of my blog, "A Little Late for Cults". Not quite sure whats trying to be said, but we all have navels, so we are entitled to an option. My main point, mankind does not need religious order to have, "An Act of Kindness". Why shouldn't that happen spontaneously, what hold mankind back from not doing this naturally? This is why America is spiritually dead now. The government has taught he citizens, they are the only ones that do "little acts of kindness". In almost all natural disaster, church organizations beat the federal government with help. If this was all done as communities, and not as religions, their would be no wars. Religions what to help people out so they can control them. Mankind lived along "Time without organized religions. It's been the great obstacle holding mankind back. Keeping mankind constantly at war over religious beliefs. Instead of religious orders helping out each other, you would have communities and clubs, say the rock hounds, or the gardeners. Texas did more for Katrina victims that the government did. Took them in feed them, housed them, gave them medical attention. Instead of giving all this money to the federal government to do things, keep it a build your own programs. The federal government only keeps America at war. Has no other real function. Think about it the government is bankrupt, 9 Trillion dollars bankrupt. At this point they can only print money, no way to back it up. They have stolen your money, plain an simple. What do you have to show for it, two wars and a broken federal government totally corrupt, spiritually and financially. No one cares even, doesn't even cross their minds, clones running around looking for more of something. I see them walking around General Dynamics every day. Looking only at the ground, plotting something, "God" only knows what. Never looking up, I've notice, guess they don't want to see them Chem-Trails in the sky over our heads. Most of their work is for the military anyway. Never thinking their might be blood on their hands, of a child in Afghanistan or Iraq, they got theirs, I guess. Was that mankind's journey this "Time" through the Planet? To break free of worshiping a government and a "God" given to them by another Earthling? The Religious leaders all seem to say they talk directly for "God", tough gig. Wow, how does a Earthling attain such power, as to be able to talk directly to "God". George Bush claim to have such powers, then why does he look do squirrely? Do the Pope's have this ability, how about the Mormon leader Joseph Smith. Or is he with the "Alien's"? Can't understand why mankind is so consumed with controlling another mans life? Only answer I could think of, a lower form of human, who thought he was that star, for others to attach their star to. bye

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