Friday, February 15, 2008

"Pantheism vs Idolatry"

From Websters dictionary, Idolatry, The Worship of idols, blind adoration, devotion, to worship as an idol. Pantheism, the beliefs that the laws and forces of Nature are all manifestations of "God". Now, I'm the second, a greater being and no one on the Earth has an answer. Not even a clue, to the question. Wouldn't even know what to ask, in what order. Damn in the end, you just die. Idolatry applies to all religions, blind worship to the unknown, living on faith on faith. Man I hope this is right, kind of faith, you know, I got a lot of "Time" into this belief. I hate to say this, Jesus, Ali, Buddha and the other, are just idols, to be worshipped. Using religion to convey to others, you have a higher knowledge. You pick a man, could be any man, then build a story around him. It could of been some kind of carving or magical stone. Make no deference, still worshipping an idol. Jesus Buddha and Ali are the major idols of this generation, blind faith in the unknown. Like going to a physic or a church, both take money for advice. Both just as clueless of any true knowledge. Churches have so called magical symbols of their faith in their "God". Physics have Tarot card and other devices. Someone would have to show me the difference, between them. Still doing the same thing as the ancient one of long ago. Where did the advancement go, fell into religious orders. The earthlings started with the fears of Nature, or Pantheism. As they advanced they left that arena, an entered and era of idol worship. Far from where he had started. When a bolt of lightning was a constant reminder of the powers of Nature. Like having an ET moment, then a few years down the the road, all is forgotten. Back to the same, crude ass ways. You greatest spiritual moment, for gotten, yesterdays news. That what has happened to mankind, having to relearn the lessons of the past. Try telling that to a person, they will think you nuts, I'm dumb enough to try to. The governments got him so brain washed, he thinks he at the top of knowledge line. Were Americans, he will say, the smartest people on the Earth. Hard to argue, or pass on knowledge, to blind ignorance. All wars are from Idolatry, pitting man against man over the worship of an idol. The Japanese and Germans, didn't worship Jesus, so off to war with them. Now you have, Jesus against Ali, two man made idols. An the heathens by into all of it, because some things never change over thousands of years. Traded one idol for another, both created by mankind, to fool the others and bring them under control. Hopefully the "Alien's" will bring the return of Pantheism. Where the laws of Mother Nature rule the Earth, not mankind's lustful ways. Waiting on "Time" to fix "Time", kind of thing, nothing ever stays the same. The rest of the World is preparing their citizens for the fact that mankind is not alone. While America, keeps the lie going, and the heathen citizens believe it all. Some things never seem to change. The laws of Nature are killing you right now, gravity. Where the Gray's the elves in old stories? Mankind has destroyed his own home, by not following the Laws of Pantheism. Crop Circles are a type of Pantheism, art with out destroying something to create it. The laws of Mother Nature are closing in on the citizens of the Planet. No place to run or hide, you killed your own home. No "Time" for enemies, your enemies are your selfs, and mankind is to ignorant to try and stop it. bye PS what to add this, can't get it to link to my blog.

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