Saturday, February 16, 2008

"And I Thought the Hippie Days Were Exciting"

Them watching you, watch them, that seem to be they way that works out. The Chosen ones, not right place, right "Time". Like the stories from the Bible and ancient myths, their is you vision. The World is full of tale about vision and knowledge coming from above. You looking up, them looking down, fine line between you and Monkey, and you have no clue about them. They seem to be all knowing, though, when it comes to you. Mankind is a infant in a crib, compared to the "Alien's". Like looking at a new born child, that has only innocent and no real knowledge. That's mankind's dilemma, stopped advancing, ran right into the industrial revolution and stopped. I've got stuff now, unfortunately, you are also now controllable. Society has turn that innocent child, now into to a greedy taker. Now quite willing to kill, for some unknown reason. You gave him a toy machine gun as a child, you stopped reading to him. American society is now, based completely on warfare. Teaching the child to start killing with a video game as soon as he can talk. Then people wounder why their are so many mass murders in America. The society is based on killing in the name of Jesus. Back to the start, the "Alien's" are starting to make sure their noticed now. Videos are getting better day by day. The UFO landing in Canada, can't think of a right word to describe it, should of been on the front page of every news paper. Go to aceBryan7ox's on You Tube, great stuff. Makes the Billy Meier UFO footage, seem not so fake, the same shape my son and I saw coming back from the "Hopi" reservation. It would appear everything is being put in place for 2012. More and more elaborate Crop Circles, skies being lit up with Chem-Trails, greater UFO videos. The Hippies where the first environmentalist, and now someone else is preparing to up the ante. Chem-Trail reports from around the globe, and still no explanation from the the Worlds Governments. I was telling a friend, if you had Chem-Trails, instead of Vietnam in the sixties, people would have been in the streets wanting to know whats being sprayed in the air. Now days your all totally under control, your spine has been removed. All they used was your diet and the television. Simple surgery, mind and body, you never even noticed did you? Thing were hopping in the in the sixties and early seventies. Thing were changing before your very eyes, looks like that starting all over again. Only difference is the players of the game. Then you had a bunch of well educated kids that weren't going to take it any more. Now you have the "Alien's" picking up where the Hippies left off. Mother Nature will soon be the first priority, or else, wait their is no, or else. That's the part the citizens of the World don't seem to get. Looks like somebody else is going to get it for them. Flush the toilet, put in some fresh water, Noah's Ark. Like a friend said one day, something doesn't seem right, right now. Maybe the tales in the Bible are futuristic instead of from the past, hard to prove any thing from the Bible. It's that old faith in faith, my faith is in the sky, not grounded on Earth. Mankind is not a very pretty thing to watch. like watching Bush on TV, nothing pretty about that. "Alien's" moving through Space and "Time" looking down on the Earthling, surly are amazed how primitive mankind is. Coming back to see what has happened since last visit? If I where them I'd be real disappointed, It would be like, damn we left them with all this knowledge and look what they have done to them self's. Shit all over them self's, killed their Planet. Some how mankind went backwards, from Samaria. And now mankind has come back to Samaria, to fight a religious war. One of the places of last contact from the "Alien's" to the Earthlings. Would should they do, clean house, start a new? What would you do if you were them? Think about it, gave you a beautiful home, and look what you did to it. No wonder the weak are so afraid of the "Alien's", some thing inside, tells them to fear them. This is all happening on someone elses "Time" line, not mankinds, he has no power. bye

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