Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Laws of Nature"

Yin, Yang, take, give, you can't just keep taking. Mankind only takes from Nature now, Mother Nature will have her revenge. Homo sexuality, no Yin Yang, only taking, not giving, against the laws of Nature. Religion only takes, not giving back to the communities over all well fare. Religion divides mankind into waring groups. Laws of Nature, only worship Nature, not another person, living or dead. The Planet is Sacred, not the people who walk on it, Laws of Nature. Mankind is only a visitor to Mother Earth, respect your masters home, Laws of Nature. All the Laws of Nature now have been broken, revenge now has it's turn, Yin, Yang. Now the scary part, is mankind only a visitor? To be removed forever, for disobeying the Laws of Nature? Is that 2012, mankind to prove his right of passage on Earth? Will his failure mark the end of mankind's stay on Earth? The "Alien's" came long, before mankind's arrival on Earth, who's truly the alien here? Mankind acts as if he controls the Universe, how ignorant on his part. Mankind is ignorant, look in your leaders eyes, you can't see the deceit in them? Mankind is on his way to destroying all Nature around himself, that's not ignorance? Laws of Nature will come back to bite him in the ass soon. The "Alien's" patience will eventually wane for mankind's failure to control his own greed. Santa Claus will soon be delivering that lump of coal, to every ones door step, when you can't breath the air any more. America has tried to break the rule of Mother Nature and will soon have to pay back. America is sliding backward into a cesspool of lies, hastened by Bush and his ignorant handlers. Ignorance of the Laws of Nature probably has doomed mankind with irreversible damage to the earth in mankind's "Time" left. Listen to Paul Stonehill from Russia, talk about UFO sightings and other thing in his native country. You think of Russia as a backward county, yet they asked the citizens of Russia to help with the UFO sightings they were having in Russia. The press was aloud to report and be more open to the citizens about the rash of UFO sightings. American press is even more controlled than the Russia press when it comes to UFOs. Mr. Stonehill is one of the few people that got the, God, Alien, Nature connection. Go to You Tube and search, TertiusOculusOris, his site has all eleven episodes of the interviews with Coast to Coast. Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, connection. The Holy Ghost, are the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature are the only true laws on Earth. Mankind is but a weak passer bye, an object of Nature, not the controller of Nature. Mr. Stonehill got the connecting of the "Alien's" being the protector of the Earth and it's citizens, not the enemy the government whats you to believe in. The fact that the "Alien's' have always been here, just in another dimension of Space and "Time". Living in a parallel Universe, with mankind, arriving long before the creation of mankind. Like the Earth is just some shoot out between the "Alien's" and the Worlds Armies, back to Tombstone and the Eyes. Like a "B" movie from the fifties. Who starts these stories of the "Alien's" destroying mankind for there own pleasures? Heard stories of the "Alien''s" eating humans, who plants this stuff in the news, the government, to keep the citizens under control by fear. The Laws of Nature don't have lies and manipulation of one mankind over another in them. And the simple people who never take the "Time" to see if this is true, by into it. bye PS Ran into a retired Air Force M.P., asked if he had noticed the Chem-Trails over head lately. He had but had no idea what they were spraying, he said the fighter jets lay down only one trail where as the commercial type aircraft lay down, double and quad trails. He blamed it all on Bush, interesting, one man's opinion.

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