Monday, February 18, 2008

"Words to the Sky"

Had a chance run into of a friend who has been chasing the UFO question around for many years. We started talking about what happened today with all the Chem-Trail, turning a clear day cloudy. Asked if he knew what it was, he said weather control and trying to save the ozone layer. He mentioned that the Polar caps where melting on all the Planets, note the term all Planets. The "Hopi" had this at end "Times", didn't know it meant all the Planets. Don't know a lot about the subject, just the the Sun spots had changed, their charge I believe. You can go to. and Comet. Asked what they were spraying, he said a type of Aluminum chemical. Sure seems like they have stepped up the program of spraying lately. All are lakes are getting near capacity, even dumping water into dry old river bed, called the Salt. Our drought seems to be lighting up a little bit. No major Forrest fire last summer, and this summer seem like the same with all the snows up North, The trees can absorb moisture to help them in a fire and fight a bug that's killing our forests. The catch 22 is, while saving the Planet's ozone their poisoning the air. Damn never any good news any more, he said, that's why they can't tell the citizens of the World. So why even bother with all these wars going on? Make absolutely no sense, the Planet has much bigger issues, than killing a handful of people. Not going to change the population growth, enough to make any sense. The Planet can't sustain all these billions of people wanting more and more of the Material World. People in China and India want the American life style, while the Planet can even sustain it for the Americans. A friend thinks wars are for population control, little to late for some little skirmish in the Middle East to change things. Another friend had heard this guy talking about, with out oil, their would be fewer than a billion people on the Planet. When you think about it, the shits in everything now days, starting with pesticides. Was oil essential for mankind's development? The "Alien's" and the Bible's six days to complete the World, is starting to sound better and better each day. Mankind has proven himself to be lower than any animal, insect and leaf on a tree. No other being has destroyed the environment, quite like mankind has done with his short "Time' here on the Planet. While all this bad news about the environment is going on. Mean while back at the ranch Nel's being tied up. Listen to a talk by, Naomi Wolf, found her looking for some Chem-Trails answers. Think you can find it on You Tube with, Naomi Wolf, talkingstickTV, End of America. Everything she had to say was right on with whats going on with the freedoms being remove from the citizens of America. The government is trying to do everything the founders of the constitution warned could happen. Putting the National Guard and many more thing in control of the federal government. Turning democracy into a dictatorship, little by little. All started with the self attacks on America, with 911. The president has been given way to much power over the people, look out side at the Chem-Trails. Now they will ramrod McCain down your collective throats and keep it going. Today Bush Sr. endorsed McCain, enough said, NWO. I have a little bit of knowledge and the government scares the hell out of me. I only work where they can keep and eye on me, and try and controls those who come around me. The government hates people with knowledge, can't be controlled like the clones out side my door. Noticed people seem to have a fear that maybe I can see them all to well. Like Dr. Ruth said to me, your always being watched. Separated from the heard, even the physics from near by fear my presence. They use to talk to me, now avoidance. Just another man with a navel, and an opion, you'd say, how do you fear opions? Feel like I'm stuck some where in the middle of the "Alien's" and mankind, belonging to neither. Few words from either, stradling the fence like the "Hopi", what am I today? bye

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