Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Is it Hopi Time Yet"

The "Hopi" are starting to get more and more press, as "Time" goes on. You hear different configuration of the same stories, but basically the same story. Spider webs, one way, power and telephone lines, another way, Chem-Trails. Both verses work, don't let a little truth get in the way of a good lesson, I've was told, years ago. Don't waste your energy on small facts, when trying to make an important point. It's not always the end of the World, type of thing. Here's a little something I found with the help of a friend. We were talking about which way the Spider Web story was interpreted. Ten signs of the end of the fourth World. #1 The arrival of the White brother from the East, but not Pahana, will take their land, arrival of the Europeans. (The "Hopi" are awaiting their White brother from the East, with long blond hair, bearing a sign of the Sun). #2 Arrival of Spinning Wheels with voices, (wagons). #3 Beast like Buffalo, with long horns, (Texas Longhorn cattle). #4 Land crossed by iron Snakes, (Rail Roads). #5 Land criss-crossed by Spider Webs, ( Power, Telephone lines). #6 Land criss-crossed with Rivers of Stone, that make pictures in the Sun, (paved roads, with mirages) #7 Sea turning black, killing things, (oil spills). #8 Youth with long hair, like the "Hopi", coming to learn ancient "Hopi" ways, (the Hippies). #9 And final, when "Hopi" ceremonies end, a dwelling place in the sky, will fall to Earth, (Russian Mir space station). Then the good people return to land of the "Hopi", to start rebuilding. Then the return of Pahana, White Brother from the East, enter into the fifth World. Quotes from, www.chemtrailcentral.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/001216.htlm . To the Christians this all has to sound a little to familiar, end of Revelation's? America is Babylon, Revelations 18; 3, for all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. American culture and media have done this. America has attack over seventy countries in it's history. Where else could Babylon be, on the Planet, at end "Times"? The Bible is for now "Times", not two thousand years ago. "Hopi and Mayan" stories are so similar in the fact nothing missed, nothing out of place. A scary truth to it all, everything now in place. No Earthling on Earth to reverse thing, only someone from with out, can help now. Absolutely amazing what happening now and how so many ancient culture have this dead on, in their stories. To me it's finally starting to come together, how it's all connected. Mankind an the Beginning that live right here also, just in another dimension. Maybe were the good people go after death, to heaven here on Earth, just in another dimension. This mad dash to figure thing out while things around me deteriorate at a fast pace. Soul less people making to many decisions that effect other around them. No sense of well being for others, look around your part of reality. People racing, "God" only knows where, and for what? No one seeking spirituality, just lusting for the material World. No "Time" to notice whats happening to their freedoms and environment. The "Hopi" were told this was all going to happen long ago and now it's happening before their very eyes. To bad not that many "Hopi" living the ancient ways now. A "Hopi" friend once said to me, one day, a light switch will go off in the heads of the "Hopi", to return to their native lands, and start returning to the ancient ways. My switch has been turned on, now just waiting for the right sign from heaven. A few good UFO sighting will do that to a man, like saying it's cool, work on your spirituality, start leaving the material World to others. Sure looks like "Hopi" "Time" to me. bye

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