Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Coo Coo Ca Choo"

Beatle songs from the sixties can just be down right scary and right on. After my first UFO sighting, I went right out an bought my self a big old telescope. I wanted a first hand view, so naive. Told the man at the store, I wanted a telescope so I could see the "Alien's' better. He suggested a good pair of bicnoculars, then said what do you think? My reply, coo coo ca choo, I am you and you are me and we are all together. An "God" created mankind in the likeness of himself, not just like himself. Wanted the Earth to have movement, sounds, coo coo ca choo. The Urantia is so right in describing the building of mankind, piece by piece, coo coo ca choo. Crop Circles the Beatles, all right their in merry old England, coo coo ca choo. Just as the Urantia has it, the Thought Adjuster, right their collectively in the heads of the Beatles. If "Alien" means the new guy in town, guess you'd call mankind the "Alien", the new guy in town. The new guy is scared to death of the old guy flying around over hear. Just like thousands of years ago, something seem to never change. Mankind trying to shoot down the intruder, when mankind is the intruder. The so called "Alien's" didn't do this environmental damage to the Planet. Mankind the intruder did this with his primitive technology. Mankind's inability at spiritual growth, now has doomed him, look in the skies. Mankind bit the hand that feed him, now the hand won't feed him any more. A friend and I were talking about the Russians and the unsuccessful attempts at conquering Mars moon Probost. Told him how the the Russians where going to shoot a laser blast at Probost to see what it was made of. The Martian's new this was going to happen, so they blew the damn thing up once it got in orbit. My bud said, "Keep Poking the Bear", how absolute perfect. Don't like the Russians up their, but have no problem with America probes. Some ones brushing off those solar panels on the two rovers still going at it. Who staged the latest of photo of what looks like to me, Big Foot, on Mars. Like some kind of practical joke. knowing it would been seen all over the World, how about the couch in the dump. Showing mankind what it's like to look down on them and their primitive ways. All staged for their enjoyment, mocking mankind. The Crop Circles are mocking mankind with their incredible art work as compare to that of the Earthling. Saying so much as, so you think your so advanced, look her dummy. All these staged events and no one gets it, lets fly all over Arizona, lets scare the hell out of the good citizens of Stephenville. Just toying with mankind and his backward ways, and no one gets it. Live with it, mankind is just what he is, and no more. A waring creature, just another creature roaming the face of the Earth. Doing far to much damage to the environment. A creature "Time" can be limited, Yin Yang. The chicken or the egg, mankind or the "Alien's", my money is on the "Alien". When I can see a neighbor go from one dimension to another another, I'll think about it. Who stopped the French from releasing their UFO files? What good does all that do, but cause more suspicion. The World governments just look more and more ignorant of all this as "Time" goes by. The gig is up for World powers, they just can't accept it. You have done your damage, "Time" for a change, or death. Read or heard some where, that the stars at night are the "Alien's". Were not he Stars and the Universe created in a day, according to the Bible? The "Alien's" decide one day they wanted to make a fish bowl, and put living creatures in it. Just moved on from their, with better and better creatures? From Dinosaurs to so called modern mankind? Who's to really say, here on Earth. coo coo ca choo. No one here has the answers, I've been looking, almost under every rock. "Time" for the story of the Mayan's Turtle return, to a new World, fresh and clean, like a Beatle song, everybodies fucked up. bye

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