Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Messing With Mankind'

Onward Christian soldiers marching in Afghanistan and Iraq. UFOs flying all about your head, watching your every move. Ever wonder beyond the nuts and bolts of things, why not try entering the spiritual side of it, when questioning it. Do the "Alien's" live more of a spiritual dimension than lowly mankind? Like Christ said, you can attain me you just got hooked on the material World. Little late for good byes, wish you well, you took well with you. Now with this couch on Mars in a junk pile, looking for Big Foot, how's Britney Spears doing? Earth starting to look like a bunch of Small town America's white trash. You try and shoot the "Alien's" down with your primitive weaponry, that they gave you. Chasing your own tail, chasing Santa Claus. Listen to a story about three kids that had a UFO sighting together one night. One kid said he would deny if asked about it, other would never talk about it, third one had video. Hard to describe how humbling a UFO encounter is. Lasting effects on all decisions after words, no way to get a grip on it. Listen to the voices of those who have had encounters talk, there's a tone of uncertainty in it. Everything you believe after that encounter, now must be reevaluated You seem rather small and insignificant after as compared to the big picture. Pure and simple, humbled, have heard some say, they wish they had never seen what they saw. For me it just finalized things, just bigger question now, not how much is in the bank. Once you know there their. there always their, get it. You'll never fell alone again, someone is watching you. No where to hide, could be riding in your car, your conscience. Unless you totally deny their presence, then maybe they'll deny yours at death? Things to ponder when you realize, your not the biggest fish in the pond. The World could really use a good shake up about now. With all that's going on, it's hard to believe thing are the status quo. Mankind not demanding answers for what is going on over their heads. The UFOs have created quite cottage industry with all the conventions and gathering now days. Trouble is who do you believe, when your know a good percentage are plants, spreading propaganda. Then all the ones, just trying to make a buck, weaving stories based on nothing. The nut and bolts chasers I name them years ago. No one on a Spiritual track, always looking for nuts and bolts. Missing the point, that might be where you go after death? Trying to hard to make it part of their material World, instead of the spiritual side of reality. Mankind to be lifted from the burdens of the material World. Would that be the story the "Alien's" are trying to teach mankind through their art of Crop Circles? The problem is, trying to work on your spiritual side when you still need to keep a roof over your head. Then having to enter that side of reality living in America. Words are coming hard for me today, stressing over my material World. No free lunches, unless your at the top of the food chain, or a politician. Trying to move forward with this ball and chain attached to your ankle, called the material World. Few survive the journey, hope I'm one. bye

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