Friday, February 22, 2008

"Arizona's Political Corruption"

Where are the Earp brothers when you need them? Rick Renzi Republican Senator, representing northern Arizona, now indited Senator from Arizona. Another carpetbagger coming to Arizona, for easy pickins. just like McCain an so many other carpetbaggers, simple people easily fooled. Good old Fife Symington from the rust belt, convicted sent to federal prison, pardoned by good old southern white trash, Bill Clinton. Now McCain can't keep his dick in his pants. Telling me he's so smart he ought to be running the country. Soulless hicks, plain and simple, having no self discipline. Calling himself a Christian, while incapable of following his own religion's, ten commandment. McCain is just another short man with a little dick, saying look at me now ain't I something. Why is it always the little short fucks, trying to tell the World, some how their smarter than the rest. Why does most of the corruption seem to happen in the Republican party? Simple the party of the supper wealthy, and the supper wealthy step on a lot of people to get their. Renzi stealing from his own insurance company to get elected, so he could take more from the citizens. Not a thread of morality in him, this is what mankind is? Is this why the end of known "Times' are near. Complete failure of mankind, only one thought, me? Whore upon whore, running the government, always seems to be, the lowest of the lowest type of human. America doesn't have much to be proud of, while certain gifted citizens, have a lot to be proud of. America will gladly take all the credit for it, calling it democracy. Rick Renzi representing mainly the Indian reservations of northern Arizona, is just another knife in the back to the Native Indians. He was to busy getting his own to do anything for the Indian Tribes. White's seem to never tire of fucking with the Indians. Taking donations from them, and returning nothing but gambling and tobacco. In Arizona, the fanciest building on the reservations are the casinos, bringing all the crap they bring onto the reservation. I have a lot of Indian friends, none of them get a dime from the casinos. In the valley here most of the employees are white, Mexican, or Navajo. In Arizona the Navajos are the workers, in Flagstaff where you would normally have Mexicans, their it's the Navajo from the four corners area. Flagstaff has booze and work, the reservations doesn't. The Indians are only pawns to people like McCain and Renzi. Renzi trying to support his life style and eleven kids, got him in the end. Another black eye for the Italian Americans, their all just mobsters image. Fucking material World is tough on people, see it in my children. Didn't get that from me, nope, the media got them. McCain said he's for the little people and Washington needs to rid it's self of corruption and the lobbyist. What a fine upstanding Christian, fucking a lobbyist, got to love America. All the "Alien's" flying over head watching this saying, why don't we just kill them all off and start again. The truth seems to be in none of them, they've lost their prayers. Their fear of "God" and the dominion over them. Mankind thinks it's him now, loss of soul, no spirituality. Mankind has become no more than a bunch of monkeys sitting in a tree jacking off, and eating bananas, this all I need right here. Give "God" only words, no sacrifice, a slap in the face to your Creator. Then turn around and call your self a good Christian, like McCain and Renzi. The truth seem to have left mankind, and only thoughts of himself remain. Not a clue to what surround him, only can I get over on you, my neighbor. Look who's the leading candidates for president, McCain, Hillary and Obama, all whores who only ever worked for the system. Where are the outsiders, where is the new breath of air? The media took them out by not giving them press, just the same old three faces of corruption. One sick country, America has become, freedoms taken from a soul less society. The citizen only get what is given them, not what they wanted, same old crap, new twist. bye

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