Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Girl Scouts Selling Poison"

Went to Sunflower market to get my raw honey and organic apple juice. Body needs more liquids than, XX beer and mineral water. Their were the Girl Scouts, selling their cookies. Hey mister what to buy some girl Scout cookies, I reply, no thanks to much sugar in them. Their they were selling poison to people just as they where instructed to do by the propaganda machine. Use young girls to peddle their poisons, brain wash the parents, the kids will follow. Can't think of one item in a girl Scout cookie that could be healthy. The check out girl and I where laughing about how unhealthy the cookies where. While one of the Girl Scouts is bouncing off the wall from eating them. Head out of store thinking they won't bother any more, hey mister, want to buy some Girl Scout cookies. I turn around and say, kids your selling poison, silence from all of them, glares from the mothers, pushing the drugs through their kids. Can't buy speed on the corner, but you sure as hell can buy a sugar, caffeine rush. Fine line between the two, same amount of damage. Even using child slave labor, teaching their kids to basically beg. All part and parcel of how America lives. Eating the poisons that are sold out to them, never thinking twice about what effect it might be having on their health. Nutrition should be taught in the schools, instead the kids are feed poisons in all they eat at school. America is such a backwards society, for the most part, with a few great mind sprinkled in. A society that thrives on killing and trying to control others, when their money is no good, and the point was? Spending their societies great grand children money. Bush tells congress no ear marks, then turns around and adds 1,000 of his own. Fine little country you all have hear, folks, real classy. You should be a real proud people of your grand society. Killing folk that ain't Christian, "God" should be real proud of you all, yep your fine folks. Letting them poison you with chemicals in all you eat, drink, and breath, yep some mighty fine Christians living here in America. That Bush guy, sure is mighty fine Christian, hope my kids grow up just like him. Good Christians don't mind killing at all, yep some mighty fine citizens you have here in America. Hear it's the land of the free and home of the brave, yep some fine folks running the country. I see where lies and corruption are just part of the deal, yep, fine "God" fearing citizens running your fine country. Bet the "Alien's" are just scared to death of you and your great technology. You folks are sure good at killing your so called rivals, mighty fine Christians I'd say, mighty fine. Got your Girl Scouts out their selling chemicals and sugar, what a proud people you must be. Watching Channel 3 one morning when their token Black guy was try to catch chillies with his mouth. Camera pans up and their was two perfect Chem-trail in the sky, being shown. I think to my self, I can't believe part of the propaganda machine is showing this. Well didn't take them long to realize this and all of a sudden, the token Black guy, was cut off, fine country you live in, mighty fine. Feel kind of sorry for the token Black guy, they have him dancing around like some Black Sambo from the past. If I was in charge of Noah's Ark, I'd surely bring him aboard. Some things never change, no mater what you say. If you want true news, you have to go to the BBC on the net. If you just want to watch some bull shit, the weather and road conditions you watch channel 3 in the morning, no thinking required. You can just watch the propaganda flow onto your living room. They got one minor problem, they think everyone is as ignorant as them, yes sir, fine place you have here. Channel 3 is like Hal Lindsey the Christian preacher on Sunday nights. You need to know what the Christians and the Machine are thinking. Talking to a guy my age, he said if it keeps up, he's fleeing to Canada, fine place you have hear. The people of this country sure do hate G.W. Bush, channel 3 love him, the machine. A lot of smart people out their, their voices are just silenced, fine Christians you have hear. We don't agree with you, so off with your head, good Christians running your country, a stand up kind of Guys. America just has the best, most honest people on Earth running the government, the greatest Christians on the Planet. Here in Arizona, all are politicians that where impeached, where framed, they all where fine Christians, mighty fine Christians. Adolf Hitler would be damn proud of your fine government you have in place. You have attacked two countries for no good reason, great job, Adolf would have said. Even using the Jews to kill non Christians for you, might fine job. You even have your children poisoning society, yep mighty fine group of honest Christians your have here. bye

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