Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Killing Time, Before Time Kills Me"

Watching on You Tube a episode about a USO, unidentified surface objects, all new to me. The guys from UFO Hunters on the History Channel where studying a sighting off of Catalina Island. By faith, I was looking in the Bible about the story of the landing of "God" an the description of the vehicle, when I found this in Revelations. Revelations 13;1, "And the Dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast come out of the sea. The Beast I saw resembled a Leopard, but had feet like those of a Bear, and a mouth like a Lion. Exactly like the drawing they had made of what the person saw from his light airplane. The craft looked like a Leopard on it's knees getting ready to jump up after a prey, with large feet. Reminded me of the Coke bottle shape used by early jet fighters, with a narrow waist, larger breast and hips. The Bible is starting now to sound like so many of the UFO sighting of today. Listening to the folks from Stephenville Texas, discribe what they have saw, sounds like a passage from Ezekiel. Yet the Christian based government denies the existence of UFOs. The powers at be, want it both ways, it would appear. Be very afraid of "God", but don't believe the stories you read in the Bible. Only believe the propaganda we bring you, citizens. And the American citizens buy into it. Mean while, these stories of all these gigantic epic battles being played out in the Bible. Listening to Linda Moulton Howe interview the female reporter working for the local news paper, talk about how the fix started after a few weeks. See was getting so much contact from people from around the World on the subject. She had to work on it a home, on her own "Time". After two weeks the paper told her to stop writing about it. The biggest thing that will ever happen to Stephenville, was about to become non existence. She gave her two week notice, then after one week they told her to go home. Freedom of the press was about to be taken from the citizens of Stephenville Texas. The governments terrible job at trying to cover up Stephenville, has given it even more press. Just like Phoenix and Roswell attempted cover ups. Great country America is, land of the free, as long as you agree. The lady reporter described how people who where coming out to talk about what they had seen, where contacted by government official and told to keep quite about what they had seen. This sighting and other are happening near the Bush compound in Texas. I agree with Linda Howe about how the UFOs are flaunting the Bush's. they are the ones who truly know all that's happening on Earth. Just ask the Russians and their attempts at learning about Mars and it's moons. Oh well the Bush's are pretty ignorant any way, they think they have everyone fooled. They think everyone is as ignorant as them, look around. Politicians are always the lowest of the lowest anyway. Took the government four months to start trying to cover up the Phoenix lights. And a few weeks to start the cover up in Texas, soon their will be far to many to try and cover up. Seen where the government was even over in England meddling in their UFO affairs, a about the crop circles. Like I've said before, just how many people work for the government? Money and "Time" to be in the rest of the Worlds lives. Bush in Africa giving money America doesn't have, to some corrupt war lord, saying America doesn't give money to people who steal it. Make you wonder who really knows where the money went and what was his cut? Like the Clintons all of a sudden coming up with Five Million dollars for Hillary's campaign. Corruption is the name of the game, here in America, land of the free, home of the brave. You can see it, in Bush and Cheney's eyes, pure and simple. Sad part of all this, is the World and a lot of American citizens know how corrupt America is, but nothing is ever done about it. Americans are truly powerless to ever change the way things are done. The only possible way, is for the "Alien's" to intervene, and it seems more and more that very thing is starting to happen. Soon hopefully, the whole World will see who the real big Dog is, here on Earth. Writing my words to the Sky, hoping things aren't really as they seem, ESP. bye

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