Monday, February 25, 2008

"Out of Control"

Added some photos sent to me by a UFO chaser friend, last flight of an F-15. This and the Stealth Bomber on Quam going up in flames. This little incident over Missouri, got all the F-15s the military has grounded, don't know about the others sold to other countries? The military is not a big fan of letting their fuck ups get to the public. Tons of unanswered questions, about these photos. was it just the collective Karma of the governments lies? Got me to thinking how easy it would be for the "Alien's" one day to decide. Hey, were the only one that get to use the air space now, bang in one instant the World changes. They could ground every aircraft in the World, in a moments notice. People are going to have to start thinking about thing, going on over head. This is a prime example of how out of control the government has gotten. Spending so much "Time" and effort to try and control how people think, the infrastructure in the mean "Time" is falling apart. The National Guards have been striped of good equipment, soldiers going back and fourth to battle over seas. Stealing money with ear marks, dollar falling like a rock, this has to stop. Ron Paul is the only politician that had the balls to say this all has to stop. The country is totally out of control, just like that F-15 breaking up in mid air. First thing that came to mind when I saw the photos, were the "Alien's" some how involved. The whole thing seem just to perfect. Pilot survives, wing man happen to have camera rolling. How did the photos get in the public's hands? Why aren't theses photos on the front page of every news paper in the World? Goes to show you how controlled the Media really is. Surely these photos will show up through out the rest of the World. But never here in America, with freedom of the press, America has. The government is just like that F-15, they just don't know it, "Time" now is their greatest enemy. The Skies are telling the World that, more and more, with every passing day. What an incredible flap of UFOs over New York being shown on You Tube now. This is a prime example how others are starting to take over, how mankind thinks. Taking it out of hands of the Worlds governments, and more into the hands of Mother Nature, Father "Time". Reading the comments told the true story of how people are starting to think, about things going on around them. Looking at the Flap over New York, with it's multitudes of UFOs, made me think of the old "Hopi" prophecies, "And He Will Bring Many". Just so much coming out daily, it's like now is the "Time" for mankind's next step. Meeting his neighbors living in the same hood, not quite the same, not quite as primitive as mankind. Had that same old dream the other night about going out at night and watching the "Alien's" put on a light show. The videos are coming in now are starting to look like my dreams from child hood. Getting that same old felling that comes over you when you've had UFO encounter, or sighting. Back to where I started, my mind some "Times" take over my hands. Does the government have a great fear of the "Alien's" and are now trying to scare the general public, their is a new fear out their? If the "Alien's" wanted to start killing off the human population, you'd think they would of started years ago any way. Mankind doesn't really have to many redeeming qualities. You'd think just watch the environment being destroyed before their eyes, would be enough? Hopefully a good scare will turn the tide on mankinds primitive ways. Or maybe everyone just gets wiped off the face of the Earth, as in the past. bye

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