Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Is There Still Time"

Live it right this "Time", and their is no "Time"? Is that what the Christian's Bible is trying to tell the reader? Life without "Time", and what exactly is forever? Ever take the "Time" to think about what is forever, if you became non existence. Then their would be no memory of your existence, accept by others. Then does that very thing, give you existence? In the land of forever with out the Sun, Moon, and the Stars to tell you "Time" when your amongst them? "Time" is only of the Earth, where the Sun and the Moon give you "Time". Did someone put that face on the Moon, to remind you of your "Time"? To remind you what little "Time" you have if you don't play the game of life, straight up, no deceit? Just because you are deceived by others around you, do you now have the right to deceive others around you? You been lied to all your life, why not carry on the practice? Like a Black Rap song, I'm getting mine, while holding your dick in one hand. Yep mankind is making Some progress now. Like right back into the jungle where mankind came from. Media trying it's best to keep everything but the facts from coming from them. Flood your mind with useless facts, so your never attempted to try and learn some thing for your self. A sneaky form of brain washing, make you want to know what Britney Spear's is having for supper, instead of all the suffering America is bring to the rest of the World. Pure and simple deceit, don't need to gas the citizens, the media works fine. Get the feeling the "Alien's" are trying to tell the citizens of the World. It's "Time" to end all this nonsense and get on with saving the Planet, while maybe their is "Time". Before making the Worlds citizen take a long "Time" out from living on the Planet. So it can recover from wounds mankind has inflicted on Mother Nature. Is that the real big picture, filling the skies with sightings day by day now. Using mankind's farm land as a sort of canvas for their art? Like a battle field for the control of mankind's thoughts, are the "Alien's" showing their superiority through their art work and aerial displays? Is mankind dumb enough to try and take on a war of minds with the "Alien's"? That exactly what you have going on with the government trying in vain to try and cover up all the UFO incidents a round the World. Threatening other countries not to show their UFO evidence. Is this the beginning of the great war of evil over good. Mankind's governments being the evil and the "Alien's" being the good that comes from the sky, just like the story of Jesus Christ. Governments talk of their love for a higher source, but when that higher source comes knocking on the door, they deny their presence. That is what is happening before your very eyes. The struggle for the thoughts of the citizens of the World. Just as all ancient cultures have it, at end "Times". If my dreams are right, going out and watching the "Alien's" light up the shy at night, will be as common as going out on Fridays nights to the drive in theater. Only with a kind of spiritual up lifting to it. Knowing their is a greater power than you, living with you, that maybe protecting you in many ways. Or as the Bible puts it, "God" moves in many mysterious ways, there's your "Alien's". Evil has had it's way for the last Five thousand years, now maybe it's "Time" for good. If American and Bush doesn't represent evil, I don't know what could. The good citizens of America, nave been imprisoned by their own government. Don't even realize it, this is all they have known. I call it a convicts mentality, you been suppressed for so long, you think this is all normal. Gave you a religion you can fear, through in some fake enemies from over seas. Got you marching around like a bunch of maddened Baboon's. Go against them and they will black ball you, just like a prison warden has control over the inmates, fear of reprisal. No one willing to step out of line. Well maybe someone else is going to do it for mankind. The Earth is now engaged in a epic battle. One side trying to reintroduce mankind's spiritual side, with the other using their man made religion to control mankind. The Worlds governments might as wel be pissing in the wind. "Time" is here now, the gig is up, the World can't go back to wjere it came from. The old line, you can't go home, was invented for this moment. Mankind can't reverse the flow of "Time", soon all will see. "Time" has come for new "Time", that has no "Time". bye PS, Some good site to visit on You Tube. pbeachmike, AlienObserver8, oos82trh, TertiusOculusOris

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