Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The Right to Know"

The right to know what's going on around citizens of America has been denied them. No truth except the ones the system wants people to know now, is the American way. Their is no freedom of press, exactly what you have under Putin in Russia. The people are chosen for you to vote for. The two party system assures that things are under control by a very few. Kind of like the mineral rights on the Moon, being given to three men. How does that happen, who decided that, and how? Any one with new or fresh idea's are soon removed from the political scene. It's easy to see why the "Alien's" are trying to change how business is being done on the Planet. Trying to get mankind to abandon his hedonistic ways. People letting themselves be controlled by others, as long as they are getting there own pleasures. Mankind prostrating themselves, to the powers of other hedonistic individuals. Completely abandoning there own spiritual journey. Wanting and thinking they need more power, money, sex, to proclaim their place on Earth. Strange to be here on Earth at this "Time" and space. When the Worlds governments are out of control and the "Alien's" trying to intervene. Trying to warn mankind what is being done to him. While the government starts planting stories about the Greys and others, coming here to destroy civilization. Trying to convince the citizens of the World that the "Alien" invaders are on their way now. Some kind of War of the World scenario, while the "Alien's" are trying to tell the citizens of the Earth, they been deceived too. Sounds to me just like the story of Jesus in the Bible. Someone proclaiming their is someone more powerful in the sky, and he has the truth with him. Exactly what you have today. "Alien's" in the sky, leaving signs to mankind on the Earth an in the Skies. Just like poor Jesus in the Bible, but instead of the Romans against Jesus and stories from the sky. You now have Jesus fighting the Americans, who are the modern day Romans. Rome fell from it's lies and deceit, now America is doing the same exact thing. Both denying the presence of other being around them. Both falling down from their own lies and deceit. And Jesus talking about someone in the sky. In the Bible the Romans killed off the messenger, today it's the Americans. Governments of the World, saying it's all just an illusion. America calling it's own citizens liars, trying to insult the citizens that made America what it is today. The citizens created the inventions of America, look at Tesla's inventions, that help make America great. Then try to tell the citizens of America someone else did it. Like sending the Pima Indian from Arizona, Ira Hayes to pose for the famous photo during WWII. The government trying to tell the citizens it's own version of history, instead of the truth. Now they must battle the "Alien's" presence, who is for the most part if not all parts, making a mockery of them. Flying in and out of the airspace they think they control. Abducting the citizens, leaving signs everywhere now, sand, air, farm fields, clouds. Their presence cannot be denied, they won't let the presence be denied. Slowing but surely escalating, in degrees of effort and complexities, using more and more of Mother Nature as a canvas. Creating one of a kind pieces of art, original pieces, saying look here what I've done. Can you do this, mankind? Mankind has the right to know whats going on in the skies. Or does the government know about as much about it as the citizens, very little? They sure as hell can't stop what their doing, only spread lies. The "Alien''s" are doing their damndest to try and tell the citizens of the World of impending doom, if things don't start changing soon. The war for control of the Planet has started, and the "Alien's" just keep raising the ante. The majority of the citizens of the World believe their is something or someone with mankind. A much more civilized, and advance being shares Earth with them. Everyone but, governments and Religious radicals. Their the ones who want to control others, take away their freedoms, make them war with each other. Americans have forgot they have "the right to know", look whats going on around you. b

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