Thursday, February 28, 2008

"The Americans"

A friend came by to check on my A/C unit today. He owns is own company, your typical baby bommer, has assets, 60 is racing toward him. Started talking about my Blog and what I wrote about. Like most Americans, he believed in the "Alien's", was against the war, looks at me and said, why did we go to war. They weren't doing any thing to America, so why go to war he said. I said we still don't know why America was in WWI and Vietnam. He replies back and said, we'll never know who killed Kennedy. This is what has become of America, the material World has taken over all thoughts. As long as I'm getting mine, the World can go to Hell. This is your America of today, to busy to care about what's going on around him. He just knows he's not suffering financially, that's the end of his caring. It will all come racing home when he's lying in bed with cancer. Spending all the money he had earned over all those years, to doctors. Right on schedule, the American way. Let these cats poison you with your food, drinks, medicines and air. Now your in your retirement years, instead of enjoying them, your dying, not sure you have enough money to fight the cancer. Truly sad state of affairs, America has become. While looking up the spelling of medicines, found this. Medicine Man, in primitive cultures a person believed to have supernatural powers for healing. Websters dictionary even carrying the propaganda line. And mankind has gone steadily backward ever since. Took away the Shaman, took away the Medicine Man, marched mankind off to war. Lost his connection to the rest of the Universe and only being a small part of it, not all of it. Traded spirituality for a weapon, the only thing to turn mankind around, will be the "Alien's" returning to their true sit of power. Or simply intervening in how things are done here on Earth. Mankind is not alone here, your messing up others homes. Mankind can't seem to make the next step in the true reality of Mother Nature. Only got better a killing and controlling the population through religion. Like giving the Native Americans, sugar and alcohol, removed their dignity, ability to fight back. Took away their medicine man, and gave him Christianity. The "Alien's" gave the Native Americans their knowledge, now they have returned to their work. Their children are not the same, ripped apart by "Time" and others with more powerful weapons. "Time" to reset the deck, "Time" for the return of Purity. The clock will turn, and with the turning of "Time" a new day will arrive, with or with out mankind, as he is known today. Mankind is on the Planet by the grace of others, look up, look around. Mankind has no "God" given right to destroy Mother Nature. And mankind sits around on their collective butts, watching their home be destroyed, can't be bothered. The lesson I learned today, was, not everyone else is all caught up and worrying about the Planet. What's it going to take, out side of the "Alien's" taking over, 2012? Mankind has failed at the simply task, of not killing you own environment. I think Superman is just waiting off stage. He's making your Crop Circles, he's riding around over head, all so known as Santa Claus. All dressed in red, with his elf helpers, knows who been naughty or nice. Sleep tight, other aren't, they don't have "Time". bye

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