Friday, February 29, 2008

"Some Times I Write, Some Times Others Use my Hand's"

Notice sense I've been writing, I can tell if it's my thoughts, or someone Else's. Just a pawn, in a much bigger picture, it seems. Last night seemed I was writing for others around me. When your mind goes from one reality to another plane. Like a chemical or spiritual reaction, to the Universe around your head. Reaching in to anti matter, listening to other argue over, religion or the origins of life. Passed knowledge, rewritten to match the interpreter's own fears. Someone enters my mind, gives me words, like old Beatles songs, given to them. What is a vision, conveyed from who, to mankind. Poets seem to inter this realm, when words come rolling from their mouths. Listen to some good old Cowboy poets, your here this a lot. Like the old line, a Cowboy has a opinion about every thing. Out in total silence, Time" to think, the World could learn from this. Mother Nature all around you and plenty of "Time" to think. A Shepard over the animal, just wasn't suppose to eat them, Genesis 1;29. Like one night talking to one of my sons, then realizing I better listen to my self. Where did this come from, was it all ready in the DNA, at birth into this plane? How little anyone really knows, about any thing of true value. Tied to the same old traits taught to you, by those that came before you. Impossible to break away from the past ways. Mankind stuck, unable or unwilling to look for a better way. Simply stuck in a waring society, spirituality left Dodge years ago. In the beginning when the "God" where fresh thing where different, a type of humbleness. The "Hopi" speak of this, how mankind drifted away from "God" into what you have today. And that's why, mankind will have to be cleansed again, until he gets it right. A kind of reincarnation scenario, who knows, maybe that's where the Bible gets that story. The arrival of Mud Man, up go modern mankind. Mayan stories of reincarnated mankind. Stories of the "God's" failures making mankind correct, Maybe this version will vanish from Earth. Only to be a story given to the new version of mankind from the "Gods" in the beginning of their new "Time". This attempt to create the perfect mankind, appears to have failed, one man's opinion. Will a few emerge and be the seeds of a new generation? No different than a garden in your yard. Taking the seeds from your best plants and using them in your next crop. The next generation will be more adaptable to your climate and soil conditions. An on going processes, of trial and error. "God" trying to create a more spiritual type of being. A less taking more giving spirit, that base appears in mankind some what. Not all mankind is of the G.W. Bush mentality, their are some really quality souls. They have have all been silenced, pushed aside, so organized religion will dominate mankind. Maybe "God" will come down and brush aside this current version in one motion. Cleanse the Planet, then insert another version. Like has been done so many "Times" before, the version. Kind of explains what the "Alien's are trying to convey to mankind in the current "Time". Get it right, or be removed, for another attempt. That would be my guess. This version is destroying it's own home, can't really be that intelligent, can it? It would appear mankind has until 2012, to replace it's current thinking. Then maybe the clock runs out for those who left spirituality behind. The takers of the material Worlds gifts. Left their to see who the weak spiritually where. You ate so much sugar, now it has rotted your teeth and bones, ate "God''s" animals, til it gave you cancer. Now your looking for Jesus to save you, along with mankind. Some of this is mine, some isn't. bye

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