Saturday, March 1, 2008


No "Time" to care for others, seems only the "Alien's" are caring for mankind. It would appear, mankind is incapable of caring for himself. Look at the World an the mess things are in today. Am I holding up the Planet, I'm a carer? How many people do you meet in your life who are carers? Carers are generally eaten by the takers. A caring Grand Mother, helping raise the kids. Grand kids waiting for her to die so they can have her stuff. Tesla trying to help mankind, government sees a weapon. I sure would like to see some caring going on around me. Can somebody please point some out to me, some where. Still waiting for an act of kindness, not someone wanting something from me. A simple act of caring, religion has ripped that from mankind. Driven him into small camps with walls, no windows to the Universe. Stopped mankind's advancement, stop caring for his brother. Seeing a Grand Mother with her grand child today, opened a whole Pandora box of wheres the parents. Mentioned it to a friend what I'd seen, he had the same reply in his head. This is where mankind has ended up, the end of the road. The "God's' have been gone to long and things are a mess. Now is back to spank the child for messing up his room. Everyone has this little hidden fear of the "Alien's" tucked into the back of their heads. The government now starting to use that fear, to create a new enemy. Planting stories about battles with the grays. Grays only breeding mankind so he can eat them, bull shit. They tell you on one hand they don't exist, then they tell you to fear them. Sound familiar, just like Christianity, a caring "God" that will kill you and plunge into eternal damnation. And the clones march along in order, doing what there told. While the good minds are keep out of site. Can't get a grip on any thing I see or hear any more. With knowledge has come a great fear of mankind, seeing what he is capable of doing to his brother, in the name of "God". Bush ordering people to be tortured in this day and age. Fuck what the hell is going on here, did I miss something along the way. The year is 2008 AD isn't it, not 2008 BC, just what am I missing here? And here's America torturing someone, can't understand you people at all. A "God" less country, a waring country. A backward society, barely human, totally incapable of caring. The haves thinking they have a leg up on the rest. The haves are the cats flying around in your skies. Humans don't have anything, other than that, that was presented to them from above as a test. It's all about me can't you see, look at Bush, Cheney, the Clinton's, McCain. The need to be in the spot light at all "Times". Sold their very souls, for the moment. Could care less about you and your family's needs, non caring, soul less. A few words from someone at the Urantia board responding to my note. Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion; it transcends a personal "God"; avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural, spiritual and it is based on religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things as a meaningful unity. Albert Einstein. Growth and knowledge from any where you can get it. Your journey on the Planet is about your growth and knowledge of your spiritual side. Not what mankind is doing today, being non caring. So this is how it has all ended up, it all starting so pure. To where America now tortures fellow humans, just don't seem right. A country based on religious freedom, is now at war with those who don't share the same "God". Can this really be, reached the bottom of the barrel, only the scum left to be the Worlds leaders? Only scum aspiring to become leaders, the Putan and Bush types of the World. Make you wonder about those above looking down, are thinking. bye

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