Sunday, March 2, 2008

It Was "Time" to Let You Know

If it was "Time" to let me know, then it must be "Time" to let you. When all of a sudden all these things where happening in my life at once. Went and meet with a lady who had answers, she simply put it, it was "Time" to let you know. Putting on my boots one morning, getting ready to go to work. Had channel 3 on, so Bruce could tell me where the wrecks where. Across the screen comes, 'you have knowledge, pass it on, it will be good for them'. Scared the hell out of me, rabbit ears can't do this right? First thought was selfish, what about little old me? This right after finding the stone and seeing the Mother ship off my patio. Well, since then I've been trying to let others know. If it was "Time" to let me know then it must be "Time" for me to let you know. My little crusade has everyone calling me weird now. Like the story of Jesus, except they haven't tried to kill me yet, I think. This is not a easy task, in the days of, 'it's all about me can't you see. With more and more sighting it has helped, as many people years ago, who scorned me and my thoughts, now talk openly about it. They never seem to say thanks, in the same way, mankind has forgotten to say thanks to there creator. I'm just a microcosm of a much bigger story line. As if I'm the one who rides the fence between both Worlds. The "Alien's needed someone on the ground, they knew of the propaganda about them. Twelve years ago I was weak and alone voice, now their are many more and the numbers grow each day. People talking more openly about it, with all the messages being sent in the form of Crop Circles and sightings. Me and others having to fight the battle of minds here on Earth. A up hill battle of constant propaganda against people acknowledging the "Alien's" and Mother Nature. Fighting the soul less people, with a agenda of only take from Mother Nature, and never giving back. Damn right I'm a tree hugger, how can that be bad? But the Americans with their simple minds are easily convinced. the Government has taught people, loving Mother Nature is a bad thing. The ones who call them self's Christians, the people of war and intimidation. The do as I say, or I will kill you, I have no "God", people. The ignorant leaders who have never had an encounter, who haven't been in trusted with a greater knowledge. The "Alien's" let those see them that they want to see them, as if they are their children, here on Earth. Mankind still working with primitive ideas and ways. With like minds who follow them to their deaths, hoping to get theirs, that what was promised to them. The people who think their leaders can be trusted, the uneducated. Relying on the government to tell them whats right about the World and it's surroundings. People who always have their hand out, wanting some thing given to them. One mans opinion but it seem the "Alien's" need boots on the ground to help tell the story. If they wanted too, they could just light up the skies, and change how the World thinks in a moments notice. Disarm the armies of the World, stop all wire and satellite communications. Or are they just waiting to see if mankind can help himself? Giving mankind until 2012 to make some changes, see who the real spiritual people are? The chosen ones, who will help rebuild the Earth? Like a "Hopi" end "Times" story. Giving mankind another chance to improve his lot, his spiritual growth. It is obvious the current path is wrong, with mankind killing his own Planet. With ignorant leaders of the World letting it happen. Here is a little something from the Urantia, page 1740. Tact is the fulcrum of social leverage, and tolerance is the earmark of a great soul. Is this the path of the "Alien's", simple tolerance for mankind's failures? Will the "Alien's soon be saying, ' it was Time" to let you know? bye

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