Monday, March 3, 2008

"Look Up in the Sky"

Look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Chem-Trail. The government has a lot of stuff on it's plate right now. Trying to juggle two wars that are failing, UFOs invading Texas, failing economy, Chem-Trails in the sky, and on and on. How many lies can you tell at once, government? Killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, while showing support a new Muslim state Kosovo. While America is just selling weapons to everyone. Russia going backwards, only with money this "Time", has it's own battles going with the Muslims to the south. America not making any effort to stop Muslims from killing Blacks in Africa, no oil. It just seems the World is at war now. Little skirmishes going on all over the World. Mexico, Columbia and several Central American countries have wars going on with the drug lords. America and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, giving money and sending officers to help fight their wars against the drug lords. Sheriff Joe now is trying to explain that to the people of Arizona, who pay their salaries, why? Just like the federal government, Joe thinks he doesn't have to answer to anyone. Last thing in the World they want to do is stop the drug traffic anyway. It feeds the under belly of the governments secret projects. Who's controlling the heroin traffic in Afghanistan? Why is Joe down their, protecting his own interests? Just like America being in Central America. Joe's just another fucking carpetbagger from back east that thinks he's some kind of old west cowboy. Just like the Renzi the republican that just been indicted. Arizona is still the out back in many ways. Lots of pigs with ties on like McCain, from some place else, running around this state. No one even noticed did they, every one just to busy or having to much fun. I got money the World can go to hell, syndrome. I wonder if the "Alien's" eat those kind of cats? Look up in the sky seems to always happen when I run into an old friend. Old friends ask, where you been, I reply to Mars. Makes me realize how much energy and "Time" I've spent sense the, I guess you could say, the "Alien's" entered my life. How different I've become, just like a Bible thumper, but instead a "Alien" thumper. Then ask if they been looking at the sky lately, always the same old answer, to busy. Like poor old Jesus trying to tell people their is a heaven in the sky, after death. And just like poor old Jesus, a hard sell, guess their still in many ways, Heathens. Shelter, food and sex, just just stops right their, just like the animals of the Planet. The animals didn't praise "God", so "God" made mankind to praise him, and now he doesn't either. Maybe "God" was lonely, so he created mankind, you'd think that alone would be enough reason to say thanks. Not no more, got wars to fight, got things I need now. If all the Bibles from different religions and faiths are true, that "Time" must be near. That seems to be the common denominator, something is about to happen, the arrival of someone is near. Coming back to remind the citizens of the Planet just where them came from. "Time" for ship up, or ship out "Time". "Time" to start looking up for some one's arrival. Look up in the sky, it just might be your saviour coming back, just as all faiths have it. bye

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