Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Trying to Inform, the Uniformed"

I'm not weird, I'm enlighten, but not the way the government wants it's. A Mexican stand off, knowledge from the sky, others want. Been on the phone with two friends today, their painting the sky with Chem-Trails over the Valley of the Sun. Don't give a fuck who see it, they know no one can stop them, government's out of control. Sad I didn't know what to tell them, other than one mans opinion. They just wanted to know why they aren't told what is happening, hoping I had a clue to what was happening. It always reverts back to, who killed Kennedy. The spraying of the skies will turn people against the government quickly. As one person tells one person and that person tells another person. Then people will start demanding answers, will it be like Iraq, all fall on deft ears? Is the country starting to fall apart from it's lies? A lot of people where, proud Americans, a few years ago, now they seem to have fear and hatred of the American system. Seemed all my friend where for Bush when elected, now hate him for lying to them. Now America has to hope the system doesn't give them McCain. Then you must realize the take is on, America. Will America not ever be with out a war going on, as long as their are Muslims in the World? The government has invented a perfect enemy, until the Muslims start controlling their own. Sorry got side tracked. One of the best things I learned in my four years in the Navy was. Learn something pass it on and go learn more so you can pass it on. Basically that's all I'm trying to do, this is what it looks like from my side of the street. Had to find out from a friend today their was already a term for people like me. Everyone and everything now days has to have a label. Turns out the U.N. calls people like me, extraterrestrial contactees. The ones who will start changing the minds of others through their actions and deeds, not a weapon. Bring back spirituality to mankind's chosen ones. Or as the "Hopi" put it so simply, the good people. I've been finding a few lately. The mess the government has made, makes it so much easier now. In the same way the war in Vietnam united north and south Vietnam. Now America has united all the Muslim Nations against a common enemy, America. Now Americans what to know how did this happen? Now people will start looking for answers out side the government. Funny I had to find out this way, I just thought what I was doing was because I needed to. Explains all the stories about me, I've heard, a little disinformation goes a along way. Never could figure why the stories got started or why they would. Just a skinny old man going about his business, harmless, you'd think? Turns out their are other boots on the ground, besides me. Turns out they been watching us since 1953, and every thing Ruth said was absolutely correct. "God" bless you Ruth, I needed your words. Put a out take from one of the articles on my blog today. http://exopolicsjournal.com/vol2/vol-2-3-Salla.htm I guess this would make the extraterrestrial contactees the anti Christ's. Preparing for the arrival of a True "God". Not one you have put a label on, then killed your brother in his name. I always knew something wasn't right with things around me, just couldn't quite put a finger on it. I can rest a little better now with this new knowledge. I've seem to always have had protection around me, just didn't know why. Pretty much for the most part, keep out of harms way, my inter action with the Phoenix Police department. And now some what with Scottsdale police. Always near by, but not behind. This now truely a battle for the control of minds. One side wants to control every asspect of your life. The other offers a spiritual guide, for a future life. Sounds just like the story of Jesus to me, and the Americans are the Romans. bye

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