Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Why Doesn't America"

America is such a primitive backward society, why doesn't it just go ahead and nuke the rest of the World. Then the people of the World would have to buy American goods. It could be just like after WWII, when America leveled Europe and Japan. America had the rest of the World by the balls. Can't do that anymore, American is now the only big dog on the block. All though, it's 2008 and still torturing others, overthrowing other countries governments, installing their own. Like Iraq, Afghanistan and most Latin American countries. This country has just gotten down right uncivilized, and more and more each day. No body any more has a good word to say about America. People worried about their freedoms being taken away day by day. Seems no one supports the war, but the military, it would appear they have the final word, they got the guns. The beginnings of a totalitarian society, who thinks for the citizens. A good example would be, when I started as an electrician many years ago, all the trades where skilled. Now they tell the illegals each morning how to use a port-a-john, little things, like you don't squat over the toilet. The by product of a country with out borders, mean "Time", trying to tell other countries where their boarders are. Now it would appear the Heathens like being herded around, I have to admit, unforuntaly that's what makes them so dangerous. Been convinced by the government, they knows whats best for them. Herded off into two wars that can't be won, no problem. Simply people, being poisoned and brain washed daily. You try and say something about change, then you'll be chased from the room. Bring up UFOs, same thing, society has been brain washed, to say what they have been told. Say something and the attitude begins, the system says the way I act is normal, so their. It's somebody else's fault I have no social manners, it's OK to be like this, watch TV. All the children look like porn stars now. In this society now all the moral boundaries, have been broken down by the Jewish media. The Jews and their porn, just like the little primitive people they are. Just to damn inbred, you might say, and most Jews would probably agree. Talk to a southerner about inbred children, enough said. Working at friends house today, he was worried about how the country was being run. That seems to be the common denominator now days, no one is pleased with what happening. They all seem to be so powerless to do anything about it. That's what seems to bother them the most, a government out off control. Can it ever be changed around, no, not with out out side intervention, I don't mean the French. (founding of America) Still say the "Alien's" have something to say about all of this. This will not continue, someone is watching from above. To tired to write this evening. bye

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