Thursday, March 6, 2008

"The Killing of Americans"

Americans are now 42nd in longevity now in the World now, in the land of the home and the brave. Not the tallest nation any more, either number four now. The government doesn't want anybody else to kill Americans, they want to do it. Only in American does 100% pure, mean it doesn't have to mean 100% pure. Called a friend to get a book on accounting today, didn't know he was in Monterey California. First thing he said was, their laying out trails up their. He goes, I can't believe their poisoning us. A week ago he never looked up, he now like me, since I had my first UFO sighting, always looking up. Yep your government is taking care of you, sleep well tonight. America needs to start trying to stop being lead around by the words of the government. Americans need to start thinking for them self's, now it's just a backward society of clones. The "Aliens" seem to be trying their damndest to warm mankind, they must change. Mankind must get away from thinking they are the center of the Universe. That they are only a part of the galactic Universe. The citizens of America are totally under control by the government that was meant to be for them. Citizens being killed off by the very thing they thought was protecting them from evil. How many Americans see whats happening to them, I wonder? It can only be handful, Americans seem like pretty simple people, look only at how they are lead around. Easily lied to, look at politics and the system that controls them. The handlers of the politicians, the real power brokers of American society. Thing will only change when the "Aliens" finally intervene. The real string pullers will have to change their tactics first, don't see that happening. Something has to get to them, bet you Santa Claus knows who they are. Watched the Light show video from Stephenville last night. These are the same lights I see in my dreams that I keep referring to. The comments are always interesting to read, you could tell the government plant, like recognizing a narc when I was young. The "Aliens" will win over minds with art and knowledge, not death and weapons, unlike primitive mankind. If they created you, then surely they can take you out in a afternoon. World governments are absolutely and completely powerless to stop what is about to happen. Trying to build all this Star wars crap is worthless waste if "Time" and energy. Pretending your developing these weapons to be used on another country, is only a lie. All wars are rearranged by mankind, for the benefits of a few. The heathens are easily lead into war, with religion. My "God is better than your "God' syndrom. This is it, "Times" up, mankind has failed at the basic of humanity, look in Bush's eyes, you can't see it? Your president is only a refection of the people he rules. Light bouncing off a mirror, coming back the same. If you can't see it, then you must be part of it. If he seems normal to you, what does that say about you? Birds of a feather flock together, don't they. Bush, McCain, Hillary and most politicians, are all made of the same cloth, cloth that's first requirement is to be soul less. Leave any self respect at the door kind of thing, you are now officially on the take. Just so you can get reelected, because you have other personal issues of self esteem and worth. The need to always be in the fore front, like news people. Not pretty enough or smart enough to find the spot light with knowledge. More than willing to sell you soul for a little recognition. What do you want me to say or do. Don't care if it's not true, just get my face on the tube. The media and American government, tied at the hip in the propaganda line of, The Killing of Americans. bye

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