Friday, March 7, 2008

"Mankind is About to Get Humbled"

Most of my life it seems, I've been at odds with the rest of society. Walk into a room, people instantly hatred me. Never meet me, just know they hate me. Never really trusting those around me, I could see something odd in their eyes, just couldn't put a finger on it. I never wanted to believe people hated me so much. Not a clue where their hatred for me started? Thought I was acting pretty humble compared to those around me. Still the air of hatred for me where ever I ventured. Now at age sixty, I think, it's all come full circle. Looks like I might be with Santa Claus, eyes amongst the people, boots on the ground. An Extraterrestrial Contact, living with mankind. All the while the government knew this and spread propaganda around me. The government thinking they could just sweep this under the rug, or kill it off, the way they do business. Your either with us, or will kill you, where the government, were soul less. Only soul less people work for us. So the game of disinformation on the "Aliens" is started. Being ignorant humans they think the rest of the Universe is as ignorant as them. First mistake, start with lies, misinformation, then trying to developing some kind of weapon system to shoot them down. How do you destroy something that in the very room with you while your trying to shoot it out of the sky. Must be complete laughter on the part of the "Aliens", watching how ignorant mankind is. Funny thinking about Bush and Cheney, saying, now you guys, go out and kill some "Aliens" for us. While they set back with their pockets lined with gold, from blood money. The truth isn't in either one of them, their eyes bleed of this. Just no clue to the realities of the Laws of the Universe, and Mother Nature. Like me telling my kids, without even knowing why I was saying it. I'm here to help the transition from one form of reality, of mankind being the center of the Universe, to the true reality, of being only a small part of it. World governments worrying about the social upheaval, when the "Aliens" make their move, is based on what. The unhealthy spiritually have the most to fear, that being the Worlds leaders. Their total control over mankind and how it would disappear from the Earth, is their fear. Being lynched like (Musulin?) after WWII in Italy, for killing their citizens children off, for no go reason. Just exactly what you have going on to day. The "Aliens" will put some reality in this reality, over night, just ask the people of Stephenville, Texas who where witnesses. Like one good old boy said, I kinda wish, I hadn't seen it. His realities have changed for ever. Like I've always said, you'll know when you have had a true sighting, because it was always their. Your just a part of it, you have been trained to believe your not a part of it. Only the takers, bullies, the self loathing have fear, of the inevitable In the end the meek will inherit the Earth, not the Bush, Chaney types. The religious leader of all faiths, will suddenly have no following. What you have now will end, must end. Mankind is back where he started, barely human, killing and torturing other humans. I'm guessing, but this surely isn't what "God" intended, was it? Can't for the life of me figure out why people are always acting so, better than thou, bull shit. If they'd seen what me and many more have seen, they'd would be thinking twice about how they act. The "Aliens" will soon be taking that, I'm better than you bull shit additude away from mankind. Will drop them to their collective knees, like new born babies, in may ways the same, just older. The start of a new era, in loving and trust, between mankind and the rest of the Universe. bye

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