Saturday, March 8, 2008

"19 March 2008"

As things start to come together with out side help, aplenty, the pace of things has quickened. Since reading the U.N. report from 1953, noticed things started to pick up the pace around me. Noticed how people look at me differently, or maybe how I look at them. Maybe I can now see, they need some honest answers from someone. Went to do some banking today, there was the branch manager on a Saturday. We have become good friends, and I enjoy passing knowledge on to him, I feel I can trust him not to mess the message up. Like my daughter said one day after meeting him. You'd think you where the wealthiest man in Scottsdale the way he treats you, it doesn't make any sense. Then she caught herself and smiled, they probably know about as much about you, as you do, I replied almost. Asked the kid if he got my e-mail about the 1953 U.N. UFO report? Pulled him to the side an explain to him, I've told you things I don't tell everyone, he goes, I know. Then we went quickly went through the items we talked about. This report will tie things together, then you'll get an understanding of whats happening around me, why thing weird happen to me. Now he couldn't get to his office fast enough, to read my e-mail. Often wonder what the bank wants from me, the kid has brought up the stone. Am I going to put it in their safe deposit box? The Stone is my coke bottle from the movie, 'The Gods, They Must be Crazy'. They already hold the stones from Keams Canyon. Things around me seem all to odd lately. People who ridiculed me before, now suck up to me. As if what I'd been saying for years now is starting to come to fruition. Now maybe a little fear of me, and the guys around me. All the stories planted about me, seem to have been dispelled, good over evil will always prevail. Like a good song, good songs last the test of "Time", over night wonders, are just that, gone by dawn. 19 March 2008 the end, is what it said, as I listened to a friend on the phone today. They new I was going to stop by the store and they left me this note. If they can put a mark on your back in the middle of the night, then leaving you a note is no problem. Their in you head, my friend, your in this with me, up to your neck. But who is, they, why him, why me, a couple of Joe averages? Are we with them in the first place, or some where in the middle of it all, with our own realities? Every answer has a thousand question, never ending cycle, now I know that. How did that happen in the first place, question? To think not that many years ago, my friend scoffed at me. The guys around me are pretty good at convincing others to listen. It's all in the back their heads any way, just needs to be brought out. Often though that's why others were always with me during a UFO sighting. In this way, it gave my stories credibility. These stories would spread, even with the government was trying to dissuade their truth. You know he's a little weird they would say about me. Now the big question, how does the government stop all this. They don't, and it's not going away, this is the way of Planet Earth. The cycle of life, a cycle of death, mankind is not the only living thing with a spirit. The reality of things, this is reality, the return of a greater Being. All faith and ancient beliefs have this in them. The changing of the mind set, a up lifting for the spirit. To some it's Ala, Buddha, Christ, or who ever, it's all the same. "Time" for a change of "Time", like from B.C. to A.D. You read all kind of end "Time" scenarios, best guess everyone is guessing. If the Mayans didn't spell it out, then who do you believe? Just seems like one thing is for sure, something is about to happen. Everybody does seem to have that part in common. It's getting harder to write as more and more information is coming to me, like what are the "Hopi" today. Knowledge attained only a few months ago, now has a new twist to it. Well now I have to worry about what 19 March 2008 will hold, even if I don't recognize the meaning until latter, oh that's what that meant. bye

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