Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Always Something"

Now it's the New World Order, what next. Turn the "Alien's" into a new enemy, then convenience the World they must unite against them, under one government, a World government. Or do the "Aliens" cut them off at the knees? The "Aliens" got "God" only knows what, the government has people like McGaha, another short fat guy. Listening to McGaha say all sixteen cops from this small town, in I believe in Ohio are lying. Saying the cops weren't trained to look in the sky, what in the hell does that mean? Saying they saw fire balls and the Planet Mercury, it didn't happen. same thing their doing to the citizens of Stephenville Texas. This is your NWO type of human, the lowest of the lowest, like Bush and Cheney. All to willing to sell his soul, for a small pot of gold, sound like Bush? A failure at the game of life, all to willing to tell lies to the World. In hopes the Worlds people are as ignorant as them and their handlers. Listening to these type of humans tell their lies, is an insult to mankind intelligence. Look into Bush's eyes, you must see the deceit in their? Where is Rumsfeld and Scooter Libby, a couple more short fucks trying to prove something to the World. Are these the types that would run the NWO? Ron Paul is right, where are they going to get the money. I want to know where are they going to get some brains. No human with half a soul would by into this. To hear people like McGaha talk for the government side in covering the UFO phenomena, shows how ignorant they are. How do you get to a New World Order with morons like this? Who would be the leader of this new order. Where is this new leader, has he meet the "Aliens" and struck a deal? Sounds like Hitler, only Hitler may of had a better plan, then the Bush's and such. They have proven they can't get anything right, failure after failure. Bush has been a failure and drunk all his life, how do you get all of a sudden smart? Living in west Texas and a failing oil man, turns to Jesus and becomes president. He was fucked up on drugs, then he got fucked up on religion, now that's your president and leader. What a great country this is, blind leading the blind. Is this the game plan for a NWO. Start telling people that he "Aliens" only want mankind around so they can suck the juices from their bodies. That they live underground and try capturing humans for food. You hear all kinds of story by the government planted on the net. Then you have morons like McGaha, come out and say they don't exist. This is your NWO, telling lies in both directions. Can't keep up with it's own stories. Then on the other hand the "Aliens" are making their Crop Circles, flying all over the skies and now doing what looks like holograms in the sky. Letting more and more citizens of the World see them. Making sure they are videoed, like news people fighting for face "Time". Making Crop Circle more like mathematical equations, flying all over the Texas White House, saying, look her. Government telling the citizens of America, on one hand they don't exist, then on the other, you now must fear them. Yep, theirs your NWO in action, falling all over the place like a drunk. Only thing they have on their side is, intimidation and weapons, bought with the citizens of Americas tax dollars. Does anybody else noticing this? What would stop thousands of small bands of people from retaliating. Each state breaking off from America. Most likely the NWO will be when the "Aliens" say, their will be a new World order. These type of people can't keep two steps ahead of them self's. Just as in the two wars going on, these people never think beyond step one. Like a bunch of drunks sitting around and bull shitting together, convincing them self how smart they are. Only problem, their all drunk from alcohol and power. Soul less bastard, worthless human being. This is all the government has to throw at the "Aliens"? The "Aliens" must be real scared of these cats, look how brilliant they are. bye

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