Monday, March 10, 2008

No Place for "God" in Science

You can't have it both ways, "God" is for those that fear the dark, Stephen Hawking. Mankind evolved over the 4.5 billion years on Earth. Unless you believe in many parallel universe, as opposed to just one. Stephen Hawking apparently hasn't had a good UFO encounter. That's the World scientist of today problem, trying to compare everything to this reality. Step out side this reality and see whats out their. Using what you see around you as a yard stick only limits the possibilities. Seeing a UFO disappear into another dimension has a tendency to Chang how you form your opinions. The scientist of today haven't experienced this, so they are stuck. "Aliens" are proof of this, or flying saucers would be parked at the mall. I guess you would say, Jesus or any religion's "God" would of came from one of these parallel universes. If the Stars at night where only the "Aliens", how would that effect Hawking's theories? Their in lies the problem, theories, that it, he has a navel, just like the rest of the mankind. Nothing to compare it to, no look its right here in front of your eyes. Hawking's talking through a computer so he can communicate, did he ever stop and think where the technology came from? Stuck in a box called mankind, never thinking of adding the rest of the Universe to the equation. Have a flying saucer land on Hawking's front yard and see how quickly he changes his theories. UFOs can't fit in his box, he's built himself, his star has been attached, stuck their. Oh well, onward and upward. Food for thought, did the "Aliens" laid out the stars to leave messages for mankind? The Stars show up in every one's faith and their relationship to mankind's history. Like how the Mayans used the Stars to fore warm them of upcoming disasters. The Popul Vuh characters represent he stars, and their movement. Who gave mankind these Universal stories about the Stars to ancient man? Seems everyone all over the Planet have these stories that are basically the same. Always looking to the sky for help, or answers. Always arriving from the east, leaving to the west, the cycle of life. A recent "Alien" movie showing the children with tin foil on their heads says it all. When the father asked why they had tin foil on their heads, they answered, to keep the "Aliens" out of my brain. There's that Holy Ghost that live with you, just as in the Bible. That's why you have no secrets from the "Aliens". The Father, Son, and the Holly Ghost. Thought, the "Aliens" gave mankind the computer, so he could free himself from governmental control and more to a spiritual World? In many ways this is true, look at Bush's approval ratings, amount of people that now believe in UFOs. Great bumper sticker today, 'be kind to America, or will bring democracy to you'.(Iraq) Its that old, in our best interest, you can just see Condo Rice with her buck teeth saying that. Looking at you with those dead eyes from all the lies. Freedom in America, died with the bullet that killed John F. Kennedy. The Machine took over, no more of this talk of secret societies, from the president. They run the show, you are just a are just a part of it. bye

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