Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"The New Generation"

In their thirties and forties, financially stretched as tight as a guitar string. In a loveless marriage, kids tugging on his pants. A couple of missed paydays from financial disaster, and thoughts of suicide. It's, out of my way everyone, I have places to be. Stressed out, living on junk food, paying way to much for everything. He's just another mini manager for the banks, thinks he's slick. While the "Aliens" fly over head. Doesn't have "Time" to notice the Planet is dieing, just too slick. It's total self consumption, just like the TV raised him. Parents don't raise children, the TV has replaced the parent. Everyone is just to slick for the kids. Reading where the air in over three hundred counties in America is unfit to breath. Went on to say it was just to costly to clean up the air. It would hurt economic growth, if they tried to clean it up. I must of missed something their, the propaganda machine never stops. Making seem bad if you clean up the environment. Like making fun of people for loving nature, calling them a tree hugger's. And the new generation will buy into all this bull shit. Brain washed, the propaganda just overwhelms them. How did America get this way, who were the brains, politicians are only pawns. To put your own home on a back burner. Put greed before personal safety, then convince the general public it's OK. Then the dumb fucks buy into this and turn against the people who want thing to stop. Who is going to stop the murder of the environment? All the money being spent on a useless war, instead of your own environment. Like talking to a person who believes every thing his government is telling him. Then bring up the fact, no one knows who killed Kennedy. That always shuts them up, make them question their own realities. Why is it always the short guy, that buys into the propaganda. One's who says it better Americans don't know every thing that going on with their government. The ones with the most to prove, like Bush, Cheney and all their thieves. Throw others personal freedoms away, to dumb to realize, their also throwing their own personal freedoms away. Like the people that load and fly the Chem-Trail airplanes. How do they escape from what their doing? Are they let to roam the streets after they leave their jobs? Can the system that behind the flights, let that happen? All kinds of stories about people who worked at area 51, after retirement. No way you could trust them all, people change. Where do they end up, are they all non citizens of America? How does someone do this kind of work, epitome of blood money? I just realized this is planet Earth, not some where in my dreams. Plenty of people willing to kill others for money. After all what is the Military, but just that. Probably never have fought a war for defence of America, since the birth of America. Every thing from WWI on, had to be a fix. All this death and destruction America has done to the rest of the World, for what reason? Americans aren't free, their totally under control, no more than a bunch of clones being lead around by the nose. If they weren't clones, their would be a revolution going on right now in the streets, just like the sixties. bye

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