Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Little Men, with Little Dick's"

Listened a little to Admiral Mike Mullen before I had to turn off Charlie Rose on PBS. Another short fuck trying to tell the World just how smart he is. Warning Americans of the possible threats from attack from several locations around the World. Sad part, Charlie Rose acted as if what the short fuck had to say was the truth. I just can't seem to even trust PBS any more. The more I write, the more I study things and the more PBS is coming into question of it's truthfulness. The only threat to America is from the government. Look at the air, water, food, then tell me you can trust the government? Charlie asking questions to the Admiral, as if he was all knowing. There is no one on this Planet that's all knowing. All political and military brass have their own agenda, of controlling the masses. So far you'd have to say they have done a good job. The American public seems to be quite simple minded, the TV said it, it must be OK. The media is controlled by the powers at be, to say what ever they want it to say. Good example is, notice a broad cast from a local radio station on channel 3. The radio station had the curtains closed while doing the interview. The morning before they talked of the great view from their studio. The masses don't notice things like this. First thought was, their laying down Chem-Trails this morning. Sure enough, looked out side and their they were. Is that freedom of the press, fuck no. And these dumb fucks who work for the media out lets are just as guilty, in the cover-up. Doing anything they can to get noticed, their again, a bunch of short ignorant fucks. Try and live a good clean life and simply tell the truth, will get you black balled. Mankind is a scary creature to be around, capable of any soul less act, from lying to murder. If you don't believe all the propaganda, then you are a enemy of the state, because your not a fucking clone. Doing and dressing just as you are told, they love you, no place for a Free Thinker. Don't think like them, they'll put a bullet in your head like poor old JFK. They have no problem with this, murder is their game. Soul less people with power, while the few with souls know, every person has their own personal belief system that works for them. You are not to shove your thoughts and felling down others throats. This is not the land of the free, this is the land of the controlled. Notice how all the people in power, are the, not so pretty and not so smart. Not a handsome man or women amongst them. Look at the now disposed governor of New York, not the most handsome person I'd say. No way that girl would ask him to have sex with her. She was just another fatherless child, not knowing how to be spiritual. Ex-governor Eliot Spitzer was just another soul less politician their to take advantage of the situation. Never a second thought about what it would do to his children, who once could be proud of the father. They will carry his burden as much as he will the rest of their lives. It's the, I only sucked one dick syndrome. People only want to remember only the bad of others. I guess it makes them feel better about them self's. Now all the good things he ever did good, in life will be scrutinized, was their some how a fix on? His income was stolen from the citizens from his home state anyway. How much does a governor make a year, to spend able to spend $4,000 on a hooker for one night? A funny looking man with his Bimbo type ears hanging out. The kind goofy looking child that the other kids would of picked on. A lot like Bush, Cheney and their gang of thieves, ugly man with a lot to prove to the World, worked with a guy like that yesterday. Short men seem to know everything about everything. Mankind is scary to be around, ruthless to the core, no wonder you destroyed your own Planet. You elect people most like your self, weather you realize it are not. Well it looks like the little ones you elected have beached mankind, like a pod of beached whales. Mankind didn't even put up a fight, to busy thinking their free. Little men gave America two wars they can't possibly win, are bankrupting the country, killing the innocent in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now little fuck McCain on the horizon, going lets get those guys, with your children and your money. You see once again the powers at be, got their man back where they wanted him. Another president to keep the military well feed, with McCain. America with out wars, it would seem, will never end. They will suck the life blood out of the American citizens, and American citizen don't recognize it going on. Soul less little men with, little dicks dragging America to it's death. America could really use a "God" about now. bye

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Onecan said...

You nailed it, RD47. I've had my doubts about PBS since Charlie Rose acted all aghast when after the invasion of Iraq someone suggested it might have something to do with oil. In my book, Bill Moyer's is above reproach.

I noticed the beautiful Kachina dolls. My grandfather had a nice collection but when he died my sister made off with them. Last I saw. Likely pawned.

During the 50's and 60's my grandparents (Frank and Helen Geiger) were very close with the Navajo in Arizona. Had their own hogan. My grandmother was a nurse and treated the sick there on the reservation.

When she died quite a number of Navajo traveled to Palmdale California for her funeral.

Keep up your straight thinking.