Friday, March 14, 2008

"A UFO and Dry Skin"

Went to see a friend about some mota and Chem-Trails. He lives in a town that has four letters in that you never want on your address, MESA. We do lost wax casting together, he does is Indian type art with a honky twist. He half, White Mountain Apache, Geronimo's tribe, in eastern Arizona. Still has a bit of wild in him, most native Americans have that in them, really comes out when their drunk. Makes me think, it's a good idea they don't sell booze on the reservation. All the Indians from the reservations have to return eventually. Their as bad as the illegals talking about how good home was. Make you want to just say, why don't you go back. I tell most Indians to return to the reservation, you don't have a chance in hell her. The cards are stacked against you getting beyond a certain level. Last "Time" I saw the kid we where watching them lay down Chem-Trails over his house. Today I taught him to find the wed sites and showed him around them. We walk out side to look for Chem-Trails or con-trails over his house. I'm looking straight up, (yes, I am trained to look in the sky, Mr. McGaha) their it is, above the Apache kids house. A baby blue crescent shape. (no two of my sighting have been the same shape or color). Where watching it, while a airplane flies by, you could tell how high it was above the jet aircraft below it. Gave my friend a good comparison of what it was, as to what a airplane looked like on this clear day. Had the same comparison with an airplane on my first sighting, as the kid did. Told the kid to keep an eye on it, as I went to my truck for binoculars. Never had any luck at looking at a UFO with binoculars. That's why I've said, they know your looking at them, while they are looking at you. As I'm walking to my truck, I tell the kid, well see if they will let you look at them with binoculars. Sure enough, my first look through binoculars at a UFO, wow. Kind of a break through for me, I must say. Gave the binoculars to the kid, they let him watch. Describing to me the exact same thing as I was seeing. I explain to the kid, their inside his head while this is going on. Then sang the line to him from a Christmas song, 'he knows if you been sleeping, he knows when your awake'. Then poof, they left, never to return, as hard and as long as the kid and want to look in the sky, hoping for their return, that moment was lost for ever. The kid keep going Oh my "God", Oh my "God" looking straight up in the air, from where they came from, change forever from that moment on. Sounded like a line from the Bible of the People around "God" going, holy, holy, holy. Like he was Baptized, a new lease on life, his moment, not mine, I was their to help him understand what had just happen. A one-eighty from Kevorkian, as the kid stared in the sky with eyes the size of saucers. What just happened to me, told him, the old line, this is the first day of the rest of your life. From here on, you will be effected by this moment. All judgements on life will pass through this moment. This was your reincarnation, now your part of the galactic family, they introduced themselves to you, pure and simple. They seem to pick the ones they trust to tell the story for them. The kid has kids, an the kids have friends, and the friends have friends. See how this works, how will the government be able to keep a straight face on this. My bud will in many ways, now will be a UFO thumper. The kid and his ancestors are tied to this any way, all native Americans had the Ant People connect in some form. The Apaches knew of the "Hopi" ways, many of their traditions are "Hopi", like all southwest Native Americans. The "Hopi" where the first people of the west. Now hopefully the "Entity" that let the kid and I watch them will like my story. My thanks to them, for not letting my words for them, not go on deft ears. I needed this, the kid, had to have it, thank you once again. You put things in perspective, the correct order, thank once again. bye

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