Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Mind Control"

Has it turned into mind control in Galactic sort of way? And, how in the hell did I get caught up in this? The system planting stories, the "Aliens" flying about leaving signs with crop circles and more. Here mankind is at this colossal cross roads, being shown sighs from both sides. This is all getting serious. Most of the World now recognizes the chem trails in the sky, yet to this day, no answer, why? Is that a form of mind control? To know you cannot control much around you financially. Is this mind control, when others control what you eat and how much you eat? Limit your travel by the cost of fuel? Decide what you will shop for when you go to the store, by deciding your choices of items to pick from are. Decide what you will see and read, through the print media and TV. The news full of disinformation instead of information. Know what you read when you go to the library. Know all aspects of you diet and spending habits. Google, Yahoo and others, already do that, by knowing your searches. No when can you venture on the net that doesn't have governmental disinformation in it some where. Go to You Tube and read the comments on any subject. The system has to add their twist to every thing in print or on the air waves. Like listening to a Army General on Carlie Rose talk about how they are teaching the Army to be a nation builder now. Charlie asking all the right questions, as if it was previously rehearsed. Didn't any body notice the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq? Sometimes PBS worries me, with their words and deeds. Suppose to be the last bastion of free press. How many more countries can America afford to attack? Is this just to continue for ever and ever. Is America simply only a military empire always on the look out to create a new enemy? Yep, that's what you have, not an ounce of freedom to be had. Listen to a veterans group made up of Iraq soldiers talk about the atrocities they did to the Iraqi civilian people. Knowing they wouldn't be punished for killing civilians. Now their hoping by coming out it will ease their own pain. How can you ask a kid to decide who lives or dies at age 18? Simpling killing for and old mans war, why, just like Vietnam. Mind control at it's best, when you can convince someone to take another life. That's exactly what the government did leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Through their control of all major media markets, they convinced America of the treat from Saddam. This is mind control at it's simplest, then say oh well we made mistake but now America is their to stay. All perfectly executed mind control over the citizens of America. Now it doesn't have to answer questions about the chem trails all over the World. Looks from this side of the street they have accomplished what they set out to do, mind control of the citizens of America. Young men willing to die and kill in a war for some unknown reason. Then throw him under the bus if he's injured in battle or he's fuck up in the head now from doing their dirty little deeds. Deeds he would of never done if he was a little older. Mind control from your very diet of processed foods. Making you weak and full of cancers, staving you to death nutritionally. Which in turn blurs your judgements, to weak to think, always tired. I get behind people in the store, and wonder how they are even alive. The educated, poisoning the uneducated, could care less for their fellow human. All mind control, through the diet. Now the "Aliens'' trying to stop this madness, from above. Yesterday was a good reminder of the order of things on Planet Earth. Mankind needs to only look above for answers they need. Not to a Worldly figure, who will only fail you. When the "Aliens" start lighting up the night sky, then well see who has the real mind control. Everyone down here acting so smug, wait for a UFO encounter to change your World. Wonder what the kid is thinking today, how many people has he told his story to. The "Aliens" have so much more power over the mind then mankind will ever. Once you have had a UFO sighting, that set precedents over all other priorities. My bicyle is calling me. bye

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