Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Sunday" 16 March 08

All seems kind of odd today, while chopping vegetables for some potato leak soup I was listening to the beginning of a Nascar race. Thought I would listen to the prayer, before the race. Typical southern Baptist sounding prayer, I grew up listening to, then it got real odd, He asked Jesus to bless Food City Grocery Stores. Poor old Jesus, once again endorsing things I'm sure he wouldn't be proud of. Just like the two wars going in his name. Then this afternoon, going to the recycler with news papers, listening to NPR Sunday food show, when a guest brought up the term, Banana Republic. Here's a little fact I learned today, Banana Republic where created when American corporations wanted to have a cheep place to grow bananas for export. Going up against local grown apples, labor had to be cheep, bang. With the help of the U.S. Marines and corrupt politicians in the countries already. America installed their own governments so the American growers could have all the land they needed to grow their bananas. With built in cheep labor. There some of the good old, in America best interest, bull shit. The take over of local governments by American intervention, in such countries as Guatemala, Honduras and other Caribbean and Latin American countries. These are just more examples of American intervention through out the World. Just one more of many reasons the rest of the World hates America. That's why Iran fears American intervention, just saw Cheney's eyes in my thoughts, those greedy soul less eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul, no where to hide. America is like some kind of mad dog, roaming around looking for the weak to kill, in the name of Jesus. And the citizens of America are never informed of such dealing. Chem Trails are another example of this, the government doesn't have to answer to anyone. Here is the best video on Chem Trails I have found to date, with some real interesting comments on the topic from the viewers. She if you can figure out who the plant is in the comments. (You Tube, then punch in 56uoBsU26o8) Looks more and more, like China is becoming a paper Tiger. Their pollution, inter structure, borders are starting to weigh down the paper Tiger. It would be unable to feed its own troops in battle out side it's boarder. Now while the rest of the World watches, the Chines government is trying to do what, the American government did with the Native Americans, in Tibet. Just as the Americans did rounding up the leaders of the Native American Tribe, the Chines are doing it to Dali Lama and his followers. The Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama is in exile in India's Himalayan. Just as America did, trying to crush their religious culture. Chines want no "God" an America gave the Native Americans Jesus. The central government in China will never be able to control the people of Tibet. It's their Vietnam, it's their old American west, it's cultural genocide. It never worked in America with the Native American tribes. They have all for the most part saved their past and work on it even harder today, then in the resent past, keeping it. Now that they have learned of the corrupt ways of the Whites in power in America. Here in Arizona their are over one million Navajos, probably more than their ever was in the past. The "Hopi" knew this would happen, it's in their prophecies. The Navajo would be near extinction and make a great come back. They where murdered and rounded up like mad dogs. Is this the China of the New World Order? With their slave labor being killed by their environment? How can you turn this into a true World power? The only power they have is slave labor. The "Aliens" could change all this, in over night. Like the "Aliens" don't fly over China, a couple of good fly buys and everything changes. American corporations leaving for China and their slave labor, pulling America with it down to their level. This is the NWO of things, pure a simple slavery. Control of the masses with fear of "God" and a lack of food and shelter. What does it all mater if you kill off the Planet trying to accomplish just what exactly. That's something I've never been able to figure out, about mankind. What does mankind think about, this journey on Planet Earth? bye

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