Monday, March 17, 2008

"Alright, Now You Are Scaring Me"

I've tried to ignore certain things that are going on around me, like I tried with the ex wives. I could only ignored their lies so long, before I reacted. I was hoping the government would be up front, they failed. I saw what they were capable during Vietnam, I just hope like so many others maybe they had changed their ways. It's only gotten worst, with the chem-trail flights going on, and they answer to no one. Notice people around me are always itching from dry skin. I started having the same problem. Went to the drug store, asked the lady why all of a sudden, this year my skin was so dry. She said everyone has been complaining about the dry skin. Sort of know the lady, an asked her if it was from the chem-trails in the sky? The ones you see go from horizon to horizon, she replied, so that's what they are. Lady behind me was listening to our conversation, so I turned to her and said. Whats going on, is this the end of the World, we all three started laughing, in sort of a mock way. The cashier said this year, the air was extra dry for some reason. Then I run into the neighbor girl and her brother at the park. Noticed she was itching her arm, her brother is always itching when were talking anyway. I though it was because he is from Texas where there is so much more humidity, than Arizona. She said she was up all night the night before from itching. Asked her if she though it was from all the shit their putting in the air, from chem-trails. She looked up and said you never know. Explain to her I was having the same problem, and that I was using a ton of Aloe Vera. It seems to work much better than lotions and their is something wrong with putting something on your skin that petroleum based. (oil) Next thing was to get a humidifier to add some moisture to the air. Not quite sure whats happening, just know it wasn't happening a year ago. The more I read on the chem-trail information the more I mistrust the government. Now I'm building a orgone generator. Weird O Man, is going to it put on his patio and see if it really works with the chem-trails. (a name a neighbor kid gave me years ago, hey Weird O Man) I live on the main inlet to the complex and their is enough stories about me, that damn near everyone looks up here when they drive in. Now they will see my Orgone Generator standing proudly on my patio. It will be, whats Weird O Man doing now, whats he thinking? Can't believe I'm doing this, can't believe whats going on around me. Well no matter, what ever I do, others seem to follow, just a little quieter. If nothing else it will get people looking up more, and who knows. Maybe they might just see a UFO and I won't seem so strange to them any more. I can sense that starting to happen around me more now any way. Like a friend said once about me, if something weird happen to me, you would be the only one I would tell. Everyone else, would treat me like I was crazy. To you, it would be just the norm, with a twist to it. It all fits together anyway, mankind tries to separate himself from thing around himself. Acting like he is superior to all life in the Universe, and that's mankind's down fall right their. That's what holds mankind back, not be open to all aspects of life. Well will soon see if I have started a trend her in south Scottsdale with my Orgone Generator. bye

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