Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"No East Answers, No Short Questions"

We are now entering hyper speed, things tumbling out off control. Is this the NWO, seven years of Bush. Gas soaring and everything else because it's all tied to oil in one way or the other. Losing two wars, while the dollar buys nothing. How come you folks aren't more pissed off, why aren't you in the streets protesting? What do we exactly have here, is this freedom, is this why America was founded? All gone for naught, and you don't seem to care. Now the citizens of America will bail out Bear Stearns with loan guaranteed to the tune of 30 billion dollars to JP Morgan Chase. Are the nation citizens to week to even put up a good protest? Seems you all just roll over and die, scared to talk. Live in fear you'll be like the good citizens of Stephenville Texas if you criticize whats going on. How many more lies can the citizens of America take? Is it like the man said in a interview this morning, America is 85% ignorant? I would agree, but of the last 15% how many are just another fucking clone, tied to a religion they can't defend. They themselves brained washed, just by better minds. You need that Porsche, BMW, home, wife and two kids. These are the most soul less, the ugly American. The ones the World fears, the ones who used to work at the World Trade Center, New York. Food for thought, was the World Trade Center, Babylon in the Bible? Did it have to be taken out to fulfill Revelation 18, a prelude to Armageddon? Still hard to believe how much this country has changed in the last seven years. Right into a dictatorship, how can the American citizens stand back and watch this. Everyone mumble thing under their breaths, but that's about it. Someone needs to organize the baby boomers, may they can get things turned around. One problem with that, all the free thinker from back then did to many drugs. Money and "Time" would kill you in the sixties and seventies. Cocaine was just a part of the culture. I've Noticed in a friend who was a big Bush supporter, a since of resoluteness lately since he started noticing the chem-trails. Kind of like, how did my president let this happen to me. Tried to explain to him it's a type of mind control, by showing you you can't do nothing about it. Kind of sad, it took him almost all his life to figure this out. I just happen to be around for his revelation, church doesn't quit fit the way it used to. Bush used his religion on him, now he must wonder if the church is doing the same. Thank "God" I was taught this lesson at a young age. I'd hate to be him, now in his fifties having to fit the "Aliens" in is life. Then realizing his government has been lying to him all his life. I know a lot of the church members from is church, they use to ask me to join. In the end, I had more influence over them, than they did over me. They now accept my thoughts on the "Aliens", in fact are now more open to the thought. The thought of Jesus story, and the "Alien" story, is one in the same, they fit together. The "Aliens" are treated the same way as Jesus was in the Bible, by the Romans, persecuted. The possibility of another realm, dimension, being conveyed by them. Their mere presence tells that, pure and simple. The fact is in the Bible, that Jesus walked around here on Earth, being from another realm. Seem obvious to little old me. Getting their name smeared, where ever they go in America. Ignore them, they don't exist, like Jesus and his story about heaven. The Romans tried to control the World and failed. Now America tried to control the World and they have failed. History is doomed to repeat it's self and the last seven years has put a dagger in the heart of America and her freedoms. bye

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