Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Americans have become duped clones, doing just as they are told. Living in constant fear of what ever tells them to fear. Turn on your TV, the media whores will tell you a hundred "Times" in an hour, gas prices are going up, Al-Qaeda is at your door. But their are no such things as UFOs or Chem-Trails. Their all just airplanes flying about, relax will do all the thinking. Talked to a friend about him telling others about the chem-trails in the sky. He was just amazed how little people cared about what was being put in the air. How they treated him like he was crazy, then he realized he treated me the same way when I brought it up to him. This is how the system has people cloned and not open to a free thought. To make people actually realize they are paying taxes to the government to fill your air with chemical. How could this be a hard sell, it is, that's how effective the government has been at cloning the America citizens. Americans just muddling along, scared to make waves. Living in fear of the government they pay taxes to, absurd. Not much of a life, if you allow your self to be treated like this. America is just a giant feed lot of cattle. Being fattened up and poisoned with all the chemicals in their diet. Willing victims, never questioning how this all happened, never noticed. Just hanging out with the other cattle at the feed lot, waiting to be slaughtered. Have a friend who works at a convenience store, telling how the people come in suffer from all kinds of illness. When they should be young and healthy. I explained to him, they are starving to death from their diets. Their bodies immune system has been broken down, from lack of nutrients. Simple put, you are what you eat. "God" never intended mankind to live on a diet of processed foods. The system has replaced "God" in people lives, they demand your loyalties. Like Bush on the TV today talking about five years of war, like it was nothing, another day at the office. A man incapable of utter a single truth, incapable of not looking at the ground when asked about the governments involvement in 911. Soul less bastard, should be in prison for killing all those people on 911. To be able to get up in front of millions people and openly lie, must really take a certain kind of soul less lower form of human. Cannot find the words to describe this type of human being. To be able to look in those eyes and see the deceit in their, is painful. All the children's lives that have been destroyed by the man called G.W. Bush. How can this happen, in the so called land of the free? Calling himself the decider, where is "God" in that kind of answer. Ignorant bastard acting as if he is "God" and he is all knowing. If prayer heal, then hating must not kill, think of the Billions in the World who hate Bush. You'd think he would be slaughtered by all the negative thoughts about him. But their he stands, promising more death and destruction to the people of Iraq. And buck tooth Condo Rice nods her head in approval the back ground, whores, all of them. And the clones all stand and clap in approval of the killing and destruction, in Jesus name. bye

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