Friday, March 21, 2008

"What, Me Worried?"

Karma, Charlie Rose interviews two top military leaders, never asked a tough question. With all the lies swirling around, to why America is even at war. Funny how they were on just days before the Fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Then a day or so later, Charlie shows up with a black eye, for all the World to see. After all, he does works for Blomberg Broadcasting and news service. Just another piece of the system of propaganda. Sounds like the story from the Bible about bearing false prophecies. Look at all the press people Bush has gone through. Hard to believe Condo Rise is still alive. Money for nothing, problem is they have to kill you. Unfortunately for them, they also know where the skeletons a buried. "Ah, living in America" ain't it just wonderful? Needed some crystals for my bitchin Orgone Generator, had some I'd found with my sons, but they weren't good enough. Called around town, found some at the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. Good cheap place to spend an afternoon with your kids. Started to explain to the lady selling them to me, what I was going to use them for. After all, that's my job, pass on knowledge, or at least get people thinking. Thinking that's their is more than one chain of thought, the government has taught them, since childhood. Exsplained to the ladies that I was going to use it to break up chem-trail clouds. Stick it out on my patio when their laying down trails. Even if it doesn't work I explained to them, it will get people attention. That's when the good old workings of the Propaganda Machine broke in. Lady goes, those clouds are just from airplanes, try to explain to her the difference between a chem-trail to con-trail. Now shes getting mad at me for some reason. As her despite for me grew to an angry glow over here face, I realized, exit stage right was near. If you don't buy into what I'm trying to help you with, then let it go. People deep inside of themselves are scared of the true reality of things. People like me, shake their weak base, their lack of a rock to stand on. You see the same thing when the "Aliens" are brought up. After all, I'm just telling my simple story, one mans opinion. I just seem to bring the anger out in people with my presence for some reason. Learned to deal with it years ago, or I'd be dead by now. You could see her anger grow as we kept talking about the subject. Look over to the guy next to us, he's laughing. He looked like, what me and my Martian bud call, are guards. He seemed why out of place, rock people are rock people, and we where in a rock store. The guy was far to well healed. Dr. Ruth taught me to realize, I'm never alone, thanks, just one more of your helpful hints. Learned today listening to NPR radio, that I had a smaller carbon foot print because of my vegetarianism. Just makes sense, all the energy used to grow the animals and then to slaughter them. As a friend said, look at all the methane gas from the belching and farting released into the air. That will never happen, changing the Worlds eating habits. People still laugh at me in this day and age. So much for enlightenment, as mankind steadily stumbles backward to his roots, of Mud Man, no prayers for the "Gods". Now mankind prays for Food City, not "God's" children, they have been forgotten. They now feed their children chemical laced foods with no nutrition in it. America is one scary place to live, when you realize how things realy are. Now the presidental race is moving along just as I predicted. The so called, come back kid McCain is ahead in polls to beat either Obama or Hillary. The generals got just what they wanted in the end. To many lies behind 911 to let another canidate come forward. "What Me Worried, I'm living in America, land of the free. bye

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