Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Cloud Busters"

Finished my bitchin Orgone Generator yesterday, now we will see what happens. Here in south Scottsdale we seem to have more than our share of chem-trails. I've got several people now looking up and telling friends. Have a friend who is a devout Christian, noticing the trails and he will surely now tell everyone at church and his sons and daughters, who will in turn tell their friends and soon their are thousands of people looking up. He's the neat part, some will have UFO sightings, then they will tell their their friends. They will start looking up for their first UFO sighting, no wanting to be left out. I even have that between my sons, one never with me for a UFO sighting. Once you get enough people noticing this painting of the skies, some one will have to come forward with answers, I think. After all this America, the land of the, not so free. Once you understand how corrupt America is, their is not much to trust in the governmental system. Thank "God" for the net, see I'm not the only one who believes that the "God" gave mankind the Internet so he could expand on his or hers horizons. Break down the systems of powers that control mankind's thoughts. How can you have NWO when everybody is now connected by the Internet? America is getting weak and cannot control events around the World any more. Look how Europe protects their citizen health when it come to medicines and children's toys. Europeans out live, are healthy, and are taller than the average American citizen. Here in America, big business is aloud to run rough shod over the citizens of America. America has to be one of the most corrupt systems on the Planet. Total disrespect for the common citizen of America. Funny story, a friend of mine was on one of the local news stations investigative stories. Their had called him to see how much he would charge to do some work on this ladies air conditioner. They had already had other bids in the thousands. My friend comes over, looks at it, and says I'll fix it for $100. Now they use him for other stories. He had me power up a new air conditioner at his house, because the channel was using him for a piece on preparing your air conditioner for summer. Asked my friend if he would ask the news investigative team if they knew any thing about the chem-trails in the sky. I said watch and see what they do, they will deny the knowing of them. He replied bull shit, they must notice them, and agreed to bring it up. Tried to explain to him that the net works where part of the cover up and propaganda machine. The boy is having to learn a lot quickly from me with a little help from the systems incompetence. They arrived to his house to film a segment. He asked one of the crew members if he knew of the chem-trails in the sky. He said he didn't, but he would go back to the truck and call in to the station and see if they knew of such a thing as chem-trails. Of course the answer was, never seen them, never heard of them. This my friends, is whats called in America, freedom of the press, the freedom to lie to you. Just as I called it, a news organization that's, 'I know nothing'. Dumb founded when the term came up, do you know about the chem-trails. Some days the trails will fill the skies for all to see, here in the Valley of the Sun. Nope not us at the local net work they say, where clones, and damn proud to be one, in good standing with the system of propaganda. But this ignorant news team never even heard of them. Two weeks ago, my friend, he never even knew that chem-trail existed. Thanks to me, now he does, that's my job. Always new I was odd, and so did everyone around me, now finally I know why. Just passing things along the "Gods" teach me. You just can't make these kinds of stories up, how everything was in place to teach a few people, how brainwashed they truly are. Even the poor old kid that had to find out if their was such a thing as chem-trails, from his bosses back at the network. Truely a sad state of affairs, living, in America. Do as you are told and don't look up, their are no UFOs or chem-trails. Here are a couple of sites I found reserching O.G.s, also bye

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