Monday, March 24, 2008

"Easter and Things"

Spring solstice turned into Easter, is that what it is? The death of winter and the birth of spring, the death of Jesus and is resurrection. A way to remind mankind it was "Time" to start sowing the seeds, I even notice it in the birds I feed. All societies had this holiday, "Time" to prepare for the growing months of summer. Someone taught all ancient societies these lessons, who would that be, is the big question. You kind of got the chicken and the egg story. Throw the "Aliens" in and you have the answer. Just as in the Bible, man was created first, if you are the Molder Maker, you are the egg. When a jeweler makes a piece of art, by using what Mother Nature provides him, he creates. The metal is from the Earth and the heat to make his art, is from the Earth. Just as in the story of Mud Man. And now all of a sudden you have, Mankind created by the "Aliens" in their likeness? Their is your Universal creation story all societies start with. In the beginning only silence. Someone arrived to change from only darkness to what you have today, from where? The Pleiades, as so many religions of today, have in them, wouldn't that make everyone on Earth a child of the "Aliens"? The parents have been away for a while and the children in their absence have made a mess of things? Now the child must be punished for the betterment of future generations. That's how it looks from this side of the room, one mans opinion. 4,000 dead and Bush Cheney and McCain keep yelling from the sideline, lets keep the killing going. This a "time" when the rest of the country is weary of it and it's human and financial costs. All falls on deaf ears, no one in government is listening to their cries of their dead sons, mothers. Their killing your sons and daughter in Afghanistan and Iraq and back home their poisoning you through your diet. Hurray don't you just love your government? You just can't get this privilege in many other countries, only here in the land of the free. If you listen to early Lenny Bruce videos on You Tube, you soon realize this isn't a recent phenomena. He was soon kicked to the curb by things around him, always in jail for some thing. Another example of how things are controlled. So many places for making a protest, that now they just have the major media simply ignore all the negative thing. Notice their is no news about war protest any more. And now the government is going major media groups by all the independent stations, so all news through out the country is controlled by the system the controls the government. Wake up America, what little freedom you had will soon be gone. Are you powerless to do anything about it? Look at you frail children walking down the street, that's not right. A malnutrition chemical filled baby, is that what you wanted for your child? Quit letting your children be poisoned by the same people you pay taxes to. You take your children to a Easter egg hunt, feed the child a bunch of sugar and chemical dies. Then turn around and make egg salad with eggs from a chicken in a box feed chemicals to lay bigger eggs. None of this bull shit is right. Sad but this is the American way of today, not a pure thought in any of it. Government letting big business poison the citizens of America. Creating all these government agencies to control the health of the American citizens is all just a scam. Just another reason to take your money, then lets others kill you off. This is your America of today, your only defence from these bastards is to take care of your self and educate your self. Your government is only their to try and control you. Could give a fuck about you and your welfare. Seems most of the country knows this, but here American lies, knee deep in Afghanistan and Iraq, with no way out, their is your freedom. bye

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