Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"O.G. First Test"

Skies have been clear for the past three days, so no way to tell if my bitchin O.G. works. Today I wake up to trails in the sky. Only using the base right now as copper pipe is sky rocketed so I'm, waiting for copper hopefully will go down. The base alone is about $100 in resins and 1 inch copper pipe with six crystals and caps. Crystals where $2 each from Arizona Mining Museum and $5 gas. Their weren't so many trails this morning and their seem to be a clear spot over my home. But as the day wore on, they seem to lay it on, filling the skies with lines. This morning how ever it seemed to be working, with what looked like a clear circle over my patio. They seem to be only laying out lines when a front is about to pass through. A friend says theirs a dome effect over the valley from all the hot air rising from the valley floor. That would seem to make sense, for the same reason storms just don't roll into the valley as they did when I was a child. Just feel real sorry for the children coming along now, with all the bull shit going on in the World, keeps me a wake at night. The O.G. just didn't seem to have a chance once the over laying or crosses started. If I get a little cash flow, I'll add the other five feet of copper pipe to each pipe, giving it six feet of copper pipe. Restarting my electrical business now so I'm being conservative. Was burned out by age 40 of owning my own company, started when I was 26. Now I'm older and no one wants my skills, so back I go. Still March and already in the 90 degrees, Your right G.W. Bush, no global warming here in Arizona. Seems we set a new kind of heat record every summer in one form or another. Now we are double or triple the number of days over 110 degrees for each summer. Is the Ozone almost gone, does any body, out side of a few people really know whats going on with the weather? Why don't the "Aliens" step in and do something to save mankind from mankind? They surely can see whats going on down here on Earth. What a mess mankind has made of the place with their greed and lust. Just seems to be no stop or reversal in the way things are done. Ask ten people if they think mankind has corrupted the Planet, and should be wiped out, most will say yes. Tried watching the PBS special called, Bush's War. Make you wonder, as they play out the entire scenario, as if Osama bin Laden had really attack America, on 911. Their is a growing number of people who now thought that was the way it happened, including me. Just seems as I do my research for my simple blog, even my limited abilities of research has totally changed my opinion since starting this blog. Started out as mainly things I wanted to say to the sky, like singing in your shower. Regardless of who attack America on 911, you could see all the short guys wanting to be somebody, having to be somebody. Completely throwing out the window any semblance of any truth, including PBS. Just not that trusting of PBS any more. Once I started researching things I use in my blogs, I've not been able to count on them to carry the truth, up the hill, you could say. Against the grain of the standard propaganda line of bull shit, put out by the major networks. When you watch Washington Week on Friday nights, you hear the standard propaganda line. You can tell the plants, like the tall blond now, picking up where to short fat Brit left off. Then just like the Brit, actually believing in what she has to say, as she looks around for approval. Give someone a degree and now they think that makes them intelligent, wrong, that takes life. There just always seem to be that 400 pound Gorilla in the room with them. Where is the truth, has it left the building along with Elvis? Where is a safe place to find news in the new millenium? bye

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