Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Hoping it was a Lie"

All the bad news now days with the environment in terrible shape, two wars falling apart. Your dollar is starting to resemble the German Mark near the end of Hitler's reign of terror. That's what America has been, killing women and children in the name of democracy, through out the World. Now just like Hitler's Germany, the money is gone, Karma. Take away the spoiled child money and freedom, just like when I was in the Navy. Do bad, they don't have to put you in the brig, simply take away your money, or a wallet punch. How much longer can you keep sending the the troops back and forth into battle. Cheney is one sick human being, if he is one? How much longer can this go on trying to stop Iraqis from killing Iraqis? Bush and Cheney are just trying to save face, no matter how many people die. This is your America, this is all you have to show for your deeds. Death to people of other countries and you own citizen soldiers. America is a waring society, it's been shoved down your thoughts from birth. Your heroes are soldiers of death, to fill the pockets of the wealthy. Their in your cartoons from child hood, your toys where weapon and the girls where nurses to bandage you up. You think you are the only free people on the Planet. Where actually your the most controlled on Earth, with your big central government to keep an eye on your behavior. Think where the World would be if not for all the waring and killing. A failure of this design of mankind, just as the ones before? (Mud, and Stick, man) Frail minded, only developed self loathing? What is this type of behavior, as "Quetzalcoatl" said upon leaving, I couldn't keep them off of each other. Did everything for them, gave them shelter and food, all they wanted to do was, fuck each others wives. Nothing has change in thousands of years, maybe even worse now. Mankind is unable to rise above this basic animal instinct. Learning to care for others with out ulterior motives, attain true love for each other. Who is out their, who would really care for the welfare of Americas citizens? They sure as hell aren't running for president now, your choices are all government whores. Will mankind end up just as in Genesis 6, the great flood. Then the Mother ship, Noah's ark will save the few good souls remaining. There to save the animals and seeds, just as in Genesis? The more I write, the more I research and the more I think, the more I'm hoping it was a lie. bye

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