Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Big Federal Government"

As the federal government tries to control more and more of your personal welfare, it turns into a dictatorship. Your government has convinced Americans they are incapable of any decision making abilities. You are ignorant and unworthy of your own decisions and your decisions must be made by others supposedly smarter than you. What happened to, buyer beware, burn me once your fault, burn me twice, my fault. Like trying to get people to look up at the chem-trail, can't be bothered, far to trusting of the federal government. Which in turns make you a fucking clone, just doing as you are told. See it in my own children, even though they were raised by a father that never trusted the government after Vietnam. But the governments ability to brain wash the children has been very effective. Just like in the days of Hitler's youth movement, when children turned in their own parents. This is what you have today, child against father. I say father because, the wives are easily brainwashed through the use of the TV, just as the children are brainwashed. Just like payola in the record industry, where someone else decides your choices of music you will listen to. Like the two party system of elections, like it or not, here are your choices. Over half the country dislikes both Hillary and McCain, but one will most liking be your next president. As the government tries to get more federal control over your life, it also taxes you more and in turn give you less in return. They can now turn around and use that money to gain more and more control of the citizens of America. But America is simple to blind or ignorant to even care. Said to a friend how concerned I was for the children's future with the chem-trails. They said don't worry, worry about at all the crap they put in your food. That's like asking the government to give you cancer at a young age so you won't be a burden on the system, when you age. That's pretty much, is what they have already accomplished. That's what exactly what I'm trying to say, people just accept the things the way they are, fucking clones, no way to put a tie on that pig. Give the clones Christianity, then poison the dumb fucks, they don't even care. Feed them cattle with cancer causing chemical, then take all their money away when they need prostrate surgery for cancer. And America Say's, that just fine with me. Bush and the government act like they are upset with the Chines over Tibet. When they are acting in the same way towards Americans freedom. Don't be spiritual and follow the system of Christianity, or you are a outsider. No place for the Tibetan priest the the Chines system of slavery, and control. Look what happen when a giant snow storm hit China this winter, looked just like Katrina disaster, where the federal government just taxes the people and have nothing in return but war and propaganda. The Chines are doing their form of killing in Darfur, by financing the killing. The same same the Catholic church did to the the people of Meso America and many other places in the World. All done in the name of one "God" or another. Weather that be money, Ali, or Christ, truly what is the difference. The control and stealing of money from the local citizens. Seems since mankind stepped on Earth this has been the goal. Strong taking from the weak, now days it's, the uneducated clone they take from. Now days the bully can be a little men like Bush, Chaney and their gang of thieves. Look how much more power the federal government has over the citizens of America, as compared to when Bush and Chaney arrived. All they had to do, was fake an attack on 911, then take control of the citizens of America. To fucking simple for anybody to figure out. You have to remember, these are simple minds holding weapon for a brain and soul. Now big federal government wants to be your banker and decides who in America can have a home or business. My bet is the Americans miss this one also, fucking clones, doing just as they are told by the Tube. Found a video on You Tube about the fire department of either Phoenix or Glendale, has a manual for the event the "Aliens" arriving. Why would this be happening, when all federal systems deny the existence of "Aliens"? Firemen are your first defender when it comes to a disaster in America. The national Guard is being used up in Afghanistan and Iraq. The federal government knowing this, must have told the firemen something that they have not told the citizens of America. After all, where is your guide manual, they taught you duck and cover, and CPR. Some more of that big old ass federal government keeping the citizens under control. No other country on Earth has as much control over their citizens than America with it's giant federal government. Ike and Kennedy, warned you all about this happening and it did. bye

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