Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Finding Good"

Finding good things to write about is getting harder and harder as I age and learn. Has the World''s pollution gone to far to be reversed or at lest stop getting worse? Has the population reached a certain level, that billions of people would have to die to save the Planet? Here is a web site to visit that shows the latest still photos from space. Perfect clarity in the photos, like you where their. A friend sends these site to me, he's a UFO, and space nut, like many now days. Also another great UFO photo on You Tube today by aceBryan7ox. This Brit is getting to be quite the cult hero for UFO stuff. No one seems to come close to the videos he has for general knowledge on the subject of UFOs and government cover ups. Seems to always get the latest and greatest videos on his site. Can't figure why he seems to get the photos sent to him, are people afraid here in America to publish their videos? With such a giant underground government to try and control all aspects of news in America. You could see why the citizens of America are in fear of their own government, that's just sad. Pay taxes to be controlled by your own government, what is wrong with this picture. But people of America seem to accept these policies from the government. A little good news today as a front moved through the valley and no chem-trails being laid out in front of it. Haven't seen that sent a friend taught me to look for them. And just as the Navy taught me to do, I passed the knowledge on to others. This is about the only way to get news out as all the networks are controlled by government. I write on the subject constantly, McCain is one of the bad congressman that's taking away your freedom of the press, by letting a few major radio and news papers control all the media. Like I've written before, McCain is just another simple mind less puppet more worried about his dick then the citizens of the country or Arizona. Your government is full of these types of lower forms of humans, on Earth. 50/50% chance this lower form of human will be your president. This guy killed women and children from the air during Vietnam. Another corrupt war that was put on the American citizens, to fight a war for no reason. The exact thing same America is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. One good effect high gas prices are having here in Scottsdale, all the kids in their Hummers are riding down the freeway at 55 MPH now. Even the truckers are slowing down to save gas. People planing their trips better now, instead of going up north to hike they can hike the local mountains and stop for a beer afterwards. Arizona just has so many different thing you can do year around. That's why people keep moving here. A natural cross road in the desert like Jerusalem. The Arabs and Jews love it here, reminds them of home, with out the violence. Still say Arizona is a player at the end, just as the "Hopi" have it. The return of the good people to the "Hopi" ancestral home land. With so much UFO activity around the state, their must be something in the air, look up, look around you. I smell it in the air, see it in the people around me. A few good positive souls can help the other take their freedom of thought and religion back. Givers with out being takers, so far in my life, the "Aliens" are the only ones around here. They could wipe the Earths people out between breakfast and lunch if they wanted. But only mankind brutalizes each other. You still torture other humans in this so called stage of your development. Animal never kill for pleasure, only humans. You have painted your self into a corner you can't get out of, look at your air. Oh well baseball season is starting Monday and all will be well. As I've always told my sons, baseball has got me through many lonely nights. Maybe now all the steroid thing will go away and I can start attending Diamond Back ball games. Wasn't it the Arizona Diamond Backs the slayed the Dragon call the New York Yankee's after 911. Tough couple of months their for the city of New York. Thought for sure the fix was in for the Yankee's after 911. It was the year of the Snake in the Chines calender and the Yankees didn't have a chance. Even the government decided to blow them up, so they could star two wars for no apparent reason. Got a pretty good understanding of how things really work, took years and much pain. No pain, no gain, Yin Yang. bye

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