Monday, March 31, 2008

"Searching for a Little Truth"

Today was a perfect example of how little the truth means in today's America. All America know their government lies to them, so why not lie to others around you syndrome. While trying to get a electrical bid out for a customer, I needed price for the main electrical supply panel. Won't use their name but here are the initials, C.E.D.. Was told that last Friday they would have a price from the manufacture by 11 Am Monday. Called to see how the price was coming along, turns out the guy who was quoting me the price was off today. He knew last Friday that he was off Monday, no problem for him, just another little lie. Just like the government does to him. Got a hold of someone at the same supply house to get me a quote. He tells me he can still have me price by 11 AM. 11 Am came and went, still no price, call back ask where is my number, guy says I'll get back with you. Wait again, still no number, call and say can you give me a ball park number, for bid purposes. After much hee hawing around we agree on the number $7,300 and that would be high enough to protect the customer. Go meet with a fellow from Australia to talk about some electrical work, more on him latter. Now at 3:30 PM, I call supplier for a good number. Ask if he has the good number now , he says wait a minute it just came in. Go on hold waiting for a number, he had the balls to give me the same inflated number we used earlier. This is living in America today, not the same one I grew up in. When you could trust those around you, because if they lied to you, you could get even. Those days are gone with all the lawyers in the World today. You could go to his office and punch him in the nose for lying to you. Now they would sue the shit out of you. Ah the good old days, when men where men and ships where made of wood. Meet Chuck the Aussie today to quote some electrical work he would never have done by me. People always wanting something for nothing, he will find a illegal to get it done for nothing, then have to hire a White boy to fix the illegal work. Been their, done that, wore that T-Shirt out. Got to talking about how the Aussies are just as much of waring society as the Americans. He fought in Korea in the Australia Army, he reminded me that the Aussies fought in WWI along side the Americans. Told me how the Aussies went into Africa and other countries in their piece of the World. Asked what is it about the Aussies and war? He said we just like kicking peoples butts, sound just like American mentality to me. Make the line, Aussies where convicts that got caught and the Americans where the ones who got away, seem so true. we both agreed that the Americans and the Aussies where both heathens with Christianity as a religion. Given to them by the Catholic Church thousands of years ago. People of other countries always seem far more educated than their American counter part. Americans are so brain washed, and the rest of the World knows it. Only one who don't know this, are the brain washed Americans. Talked of how most of the inventions to start the industrial revolution came from Europe first. Edison my ass, it was Tesla that turned on the lights, changed the World. It's easy to why educated foreigners would look down on the brain washed American citizen. The 'Ugly America', look at G.W. Bush, your president, his hick looking brother in Florida. Look at pictures of Tesla, a World apart. The Aussie was quite well read, even breeding endangered birds in his back yard. Parrots and other exotic birds from around the World. His neighbors the Americas had boats and ATVs to spend their spare money on. The Aussie was educated, the Americans where brain washed to believing their lives would not be complete with out their toys. Never having a thought of giving back to the Planet, the ignorant American. This was how he was raised, in the propaganda machine, not a open thought in his head, controlled. Controlled by his own personal greed for the material World. The Aussie had a book he showed me he was reading, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail". Things like this seem to happen only to me, another chance meeting to advance my own personal knowledge. The book talked of the Life of Jesus, the Catholic Church, the Da vinci code. Their are just so many theories all about it seems, hard to pick just one and hang your Star to. Where as the Americans, seem to want to live in a cocoon, where all around him is controlled. America with it's movies and Disney Land mentality, while they filled the rest of their "Time", with bull shit and chemicals. How many American truly are spending any "Time" trying to advance their own spiritual growth? Has the system taught them only to want and not look at whats going on around them, you bet. Searching for a little truth, hard to find here in America. bye

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