Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Above the Law"

A friend and I were watching them lay down chem-trails over our heads when Cheney's name came up today. My friend was telling me about an interview he had seen on the news. The interviewer asked Chaney if the price was to high in death and financially, for the war in Iraq? Cheney basically said what are you going to do about it. As if, he was a dictator and the interviewer and the citizens of America could do little about it. Showing he is truly above the law. Look back on what Bush and Chaney have done to the country in the last seven years, with their complete power over the citizens of America. Basically saying, you are no more than subjects of their will. Here once again proving they are above the law. I sure hope "God" in heaven, will do to him, what he has done to the children of the World. In a Yin Yang reality, Cheney's must have so much great suffering coming to him, Karma. What you sow, you shall reap, story line. The hatred for this man in the World is as great as it was for Hitler and other mass murders of our "Times". Have never heard or seen a kind word for either Bush or Chaney anywhere except in the government controlled media. Bush was being booed when he threw out the first pitch of the Washington Nationals baseball team yesterday, said it all. That shows the hatred for these individuals, that put America back at least one hundred years in "Time'. This is jealousy of it's highest form, Cheney being just another short fat ignorant moron, jealous of those who were smarted and taller. The political cartoon by Benson, showing Cheney sitting on a chair looking like a bitter old short fat man, saying they volunteered didn't they. A reference to the troops having to make so many tour in Afghanistan and Iraq. Classic short mans complex, running a muck with the citizens of America. He's right, you Americas cannot do a damn thing about what he does to you and your children. Look at the chem-trails in the sky. You are absolutely powerless to stop him from killing your sons and daughters, and others children around the World. Bush is no more than a puppet to Chaney and his lynch men, an ignorant drunk, to be used. Drunks are easily controlled by others, go spend a few years in a bar like I did, you'll recognize it. He is a part of the Giant Industrial Military Complex, and you are still just a heathen. Him and his lynch men will never have to face the citizens of America for their crimes against the America and the World. The Black Panthers where right in saying, power to the people, for the people of America have no power. Your elections are all just a joke, letting you think you have some freedoms to decide what happens to the country. And like the clones you are, you simple accept this reality. If you had any power, America would of pulled out of Iraq after the elections. Isn't that why you voted all the Republicans out of office, to protest the war. What good did it do to even have an election, Absolutely none what so ever. The violence just keeps going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the deaths of more American troops. Nothing has changed in five thousand years. You were given a mock "God", and they make a mockery of your "God' to your face. Basically letting you know your prayers are worthless against them and their powers over you. I can talk, blog, piss and moan about what I hear, read and see, but the only ones that can intervene and stop the madness are the "Aliens". This reality is not suppose to be the norm, but try telling the brain washed citizens of America. A handful of educated friends and me watch the madness about us, but as a group we are crushed by the brain washed masses. Were the ones who try and alert others around us, but what chance do we have against the giant propaganda machine. Same story as when one of my nephew had a UFO sighting together. As he said, now people treat me like they treat you. Ask the good citizens of Stephenville what happens when you admit having a UFO sighting. Now they have been branded by the other citizens the propaganda machine controls. You can recognize the ones that are easily controlled. Their the obese, the ones suffering from malnutrition, poor, uneducated, religious, single moms, the trusting, the ones easily convinced they need protection from some created enemy. All to be taken advantage of, just as in years gone by. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Then every so often mankind is wiped off the face of the Earth. Only saving the few good one, look around you, who would you take with you, if it was your choice? Bet it wouldn't be many you would save. That probably what the World is facing now, who to save, who to throw away, those having failed at trying to be humane. In the end, "no one is above "God". bye

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