Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Who's Telling the Truth"

Telling the truth in America can and will get you killed. Listened to 'William Coopers' remastered speech by 'chrisky81' on You Tube video. Cooper talked as if getting his story out would be his death, it was. Shot by government agents, he had gone to far. The power thing with the people of Earth is quite a hoot. I can't seem to grasp it, but, here on Earth that's all that seems to matters to the human. A woman controlling a man through his penis, man controlling another man with a gun to his head, fuck! Like I've said before, I may not know who I am or where I'm from, but where ever it is, We don't act like you. The controllers of the masses, who ever it is, don't put much of a value on their "Time" on Earth. A chance to help others is the last agenda on their minds. Their all betting that live is a one and out kind of thing. Their betting they don't have to face judgement after their "Time" on earth. What else could they believe, surely not in Karma or Yin Yang. A life "Time" of lust and power, a one and out scenario, "God" less individuals. Or as I call them, lower forms of humans. (Bush, Cheney, Clinton types) If you feel good about your self, because you slicked someone, then you are the sick perverted one. The bankers that control all the money would have to fall into group of types of individuals. Hitler, Bush and Chaney had or have no fear of the after life. How do you put money you will never spend, before another humans concerned. Then just simply get old and die with those around you hating you, awaiting your death. Then on the other hand you have people like William Cooper who are willing to sacrifice their live for others to have knowledge. Their must be a "God" in heaven that has implanted these ideas of nobility in some individuals. This is something right out of the Urantia, arrival of the thought adjuster. The "God" given ability to actually care for others around you. Like a Marine jumping on a grenade to save his buddies. Not all of humanity carries this DNA in them. William Cooper jumped on the grenade, for his fellow mankind. A rare attribute in this day and age of it's all about me, can't you see. You"ll never see that ability in one of your leaders. Their whores and so are most Americans, if not, why is the war still going on for no good reason. Americans have adhered themselves to fear of the system, they don't want to end like the Kennedy brothers or Cooper. The system has taught them to mock the ones who bring knowledge with them. People with UFO stories are taught to be mocked by others, the brain washed Americans gladly do it. A good example would be Clinton and his flip flop ideas on the UFO phenomenon. Him, Bush and Chaney have so many fucking lies to remember, soulless bastards. Got a good glimpse of telling the truth on Front Line on PBS. A story about a group of National Guard soldiers going back to Iraq. This is how the Vietnam was covered, just give the troops a camera and record what they see. No second agenda like with the controlled media. Let the camera tell the truth. We don't need some fucking, on the take evening national reporter telling me how it is. Put a camera on the dash board, turn it on and let it tell the truth. Most "Time's" I have little faith in PBS, this was refreshing and what they where set up to be, actual freedom of the press. Keep waiting for the propaganda line to come in, so I could turn the TV off, it didn't. None of the soldiers even knew why they were even in Iraq. Most Americans don't know why America is in Iraq, just ask some body. Young men dieing guarding private vendors like Halliburton and others. The rich getting richer, while the young Americans and the Iraq people suffering and die, for fucking what? Here, here, where is the truth, and now they want to convince you the "Aliens" are about to get your dumb asses. An most American will gladly by into that, go right from Christianity to fighting off the "Alien" invasion. Go from killing Muslims, right to "Alien" space invaders. What absolutely bazaar "Times" the World lives in now. Some nights I just scream out, how did I get her from their, fuck! And now it's, if America don't stop the "Aliens" in outer space now, they will have to fight them in Oakland. How can this happen, but thats their next move. An the clones will gladly line up behind this idea, Americans, just love living in fear. They never seem to question who the enemy really is, just tell who to fear. Who's telling the truth, not sure, just know it's not the American government. bye

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